Best Interior Designer * Bucich Art + Design
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Best Interior Designer * Bucich Art + Design

Bucich Art + Design is a multi-disciplinary Interior Design and furniture design firm established in Sydney, Australia from 1990.  A New York native, Thomas Bucich is a graduate of Parsons School of Design with an education in Architectural Interior and Art, and a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree.

Thomas` success can be attributed to his formal training with an emphasis on the Viennese Secessionist concept of Gesamptkunstwerk, or ‘total work’. Thomas is based in Sydney, Australia and  maintains a seamless link with international clientele ranging from The Bahamas, Morocco, New Zealand, Singapore, Japan, Germany as well as the USA and Australia.

Best-Interior-Designer-BucichArtDesign-2Thomas and his small creative team provide a couture comprehensive design service with commissions that range from one off pieces for custom furniture and residential design & renovations through to commercial projects including bars, restaurants, nightclubs and offices. Each project is approached with an emphasis on design flexibility and a non-formulaic approach following research and understanding of the individual client’s requirements, existing aesthetics, historical context and physical site. Meticulous attention to design details ultimately provides the client with an aesthetically and functionally luxurious product of the highest quality.Best-Interior-Designer-BucichArtDesign-3Within the context of the spaces he creates, Thomas introduces an eclectic mix of decorative textiles, antique rugs and artefacts, original artwork, and experimental avante garde architectural design products, as well as his own furniture designs. be excellence in design and quality produced only as original works or in limited editions.Best-Interior-Designer-BucichArtDesign-5“What I am into now is more in-depth inclusion of the client in the process,” says Bucich. “My clients are truly interested in the process, not just a ‘package’. My design is also becoming more intuitive and a lot more couture. I used to do ranges, runs of things, but now it’s really all one-off, with overall design jobs approached more like a theatrical production with the client providing the storyline.”Best-Interior-Designer-BucichArtDesign-4A spate of commercial works including the Intercontinental Hotel, the Summit Restaurant, World Square Hotel, Ocean Room, Moda Restaurant, Wildfire Restaurant, Rise Restaurant and Canberras Madew Winery have given more public exposure to the designs of Thomas Bucich. Many spaces have been featured in globally recognised publications such as Vogue, Vogue Living, Belle Magazine and Japan’s exclusive Shitsunai and Select. The hallmarks of Bucich’s design are wit, restraint, originality and seamless luxury, custom-made to the highest standards. Design treatments, often with a spirited play on industrial techniques and high skilled handcraft are total, right down to the door handles – sculptured by Bucich and struck locally by  master craftsman.Best-Interior-Designer-BucichArtDesign-6“For me its luxurious minimalism, minimalism with skirting,” quips Bucich. “It’s the urge to detail, getting something to the next level. I like to see how far I can get subtlety into it. The more you look at it, the more you start noticing the detail of it.”

The juxtaposition of bold volumes, materials and historical detail creates something new. “This is my thing,” says Bucich of such fruitful improvisation. “It’s like learning classical to play jazz. ”