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Best Interior Designers

Best Interior Designers * FIARI

At FIARI, they take their projects very seriously – here are the steps through which a project has to go through.

During the first meeting they will figure out the desires and list them with all environmental facts. If possible, the meeting will happen at the location. If there are  photographs, plans or drafts, bring them ahead for this helps a lot, as well as the result of the COLOUR-COMPASS the is made in partnership.

There certainly are questions regarding technical and practical implementation. There is no need to arrive with concrete ideas.

During the 1 -2 hours spent together, they will collect enough elements on whose basis they will be able to elaborate a preliminary project.

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Client’s Draft

They will send you the result of the colour-compass with the original colour samples after that meeting. You also will receive the offer for the following planning.

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Preliminary project

Based on the elements discussed during the last meeting and if you accepted their offer, they will prepare the preliminary project. That will include a room design, a light concept, a colour concept and material samples. They will also make a model if necessary. These documents and the discussion will help you to go ahead with the project. There are ideas that will be developed, others will be eliminated and new-ones will come out. Soon will arrive the moment they can start with the project so that the exact costs can be sorted.

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Studio meeting

There, they dispose of show-rooms, a “creative-room” with a huge gallery of samples, and a professional library which will guide you in your quest. They will progress quickly, you can make changes or adjustments very easily and take your decision on facts. A part a very efficient work, you will have a spectacular overview of products and materials.


Working drawings are made, installations coordinated, engineers for statics, heating and cooling, or electricity are involved if necessary. They care about technical prescriptions as e.g. fire protection. They compare offers, elaborate the costs, control the budgets and prepare the schedule.

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They will study in detail the equipment of the rooms, the furniture, lighting, carpets, fabrics etc. are designed, the drawings for craftsmen are prepared to allow a one-to-one execution.

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Construction Site

They also supervise the construction site, for the advancing works must be controlled. That also includes a permanent tracking of the costs and budgets.

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It`s like Christmas, everybody was waiting for that moment! It is one of the goals to deliver the rooms in time and respect budgets, so that you feel happy with everything is their wish.


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