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Peter Dunham: a great talent with fantastic designs

It’s widely known that to be an interior designer is a necessity to travel around the world to find inspirations, new concepts and new materials. Peter Dunham was raised in France, spent his summers in Spain and was educated in England. In terms of cultural knowledge this fantastic interior designer is hard to beat. All this background has a very important influence on Mr Dunham’s work.

best-interior-designers-Peter-DunhamHe started his decorating career as an apprentice of the legendary David Hicks while studying International Business Administration.

In a recent interview with Luxe Interiors + Design, Peter Dunham explained that “David was my introduction to the world of design, and he became a mentor, friend and inspiration”.

1998 was the year when we started his own company in Los Angeles and began to make projects for very famous people. He has been decorating houses, hotels, medical and film offices…there’s nothing that Mr. Dunham can’t do.

traditional-dining-room-peter-dunham-design-beverly-hillsIn the same interview he says that he fell in love really quickly with interior design: “When I finished my first project, I realized the extent to which I had been creatively frustrated working in an uncreative business before. If you a right-side-of-the-brain creative person, you only truly thrive doing something creative. Interior design is a very challenging profession. There is a lot of variety in the day of a designer, so time goes quickly, and the projects are different each time so it keeps it fresh. You have to love finding cool solutions to design challenges, but also thrive in dealing with personalities. I can say though, that there is nothing better than seeing the final product after finishing an install.”

Peter-Dunham-for-House-of-Windsor-Show-HousePeter Dunham’s work is a combination between his European roots and the American style. He describes his own style as “Casual traditionalist, eclecticism and rustic modernist all at once”

Besides his furniture and textile collection, Peter Dunham is the owner of the store “Hollywood At Home

Hollywood-Hills-Residence-by-Peter-DunhamDunham’s work has been featured in some of the most important magazines in the business: “Architectural Digest” “Elle Decor” “House Beautiful” and many other publications.

Peter Dunham is one of the best interior designers in the world. His projects are fantastic and can inspire the entire world.

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