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Best Interior Designer * Cameron Chisholm Nicol

Cameron Chisholm Nicol is an award-winning Australian leader in integrated architectural, urban and interior design. With a history dating back more than a century, the company has an extensive list of local, national and international clients and a proven track record in design and service excellence. Certainly, it is one of Australia’s best interior design studios.

From large-scale urban infrastructure to sensitive adaptive re-use, Cameron Chisholm Nicol’s finely-crafted design solutions are attuned to purpose whilst satisfying the demands of multiple stakeholders. At Cameron Chisholm Nicol people are at the core of everything the company does. Research continually brings new insights into how people best live, work, shop, learn, relax and stay healthy. The designers and architects use this information to develop a vision for the experience of end-users so their projects deliver real benefits to people and communities.

SEE ALSO: BEST INTERIOR DESIGNER * MEMEBestInteriorDesigner-CameronChisholmNicol-3Place-making means creating built environments with authenticity and a meaningful presence in the community they serve and represent. This is a focus of Cameron Chisholm Nicol’s design philosophy. They apply intelligence to understanding the physical, cultural and historical factors inherent to a site, in order to make informed design decisions and create places with both a strong individual identity and a sense of belonging.
BestInteriorDesigner-CameronChisholmNicol-6Cameron Chisholm Nicol is recognised as one of Australia’s leading consultants in sustainable design. They design to minimise resource use and have a dedicated Sustainability Committee to foster a culture of environmental accountability across their practice. Through shared research and knowledge, they work not just to meet environmental standards but to exceed them. BestInteriorDesigner-CameronChisholmNicol-4Cameron Chisholm Nicol works across a broad range of project sectors. They design: Residential developments that are distinctive, desirable and comfortable, utilising light, space and fresh air. Hospitality and leisure destinations that meet guest expectations through a seamless combination of operational and sensorial qualities.BestInteriorDesigner-CameronChisholmNicol-7Educational facilities that are flexible, stimulating, nurturing and technology enabled to facilitate learning. Health and aged care facilities that are calming, filled with daylight, well ventilated and linked to natural settings. Retail environments that attract customers through an entertaining, comfortable and convenient experience. Commercial offices that deliver a high performance, healthy work environment and foster a sense of community. Interiors that are holistic, integrated and combine functionality with engagement. Public spaces that are inspiring and encourage interaction between people and place.BestInteriorDesigner-CameronChisholmNicol-2A successful project requires a shared vision and close collaboration between the design team and the client. Cameron Chisholm Nicol focuses on distilling project objectives and maintaining direct and open communication with all stakeholders throughout the delivery cycle. With a team of over 45 dedicated staff and a continually expanding knowledge base, Cameron Chisholm Nicol’s clients enjoy working with an organisation that brings technology, skill and innovation to a diverse range of projects.