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Marina Finianos From Nomad Interiors | Exclusive Interview

Marina Finianos is an Abu Dhabi-based Interior Designer and the Co-founder of Nomad Interiors. Best Interior designers had the opportunity to talk with her to get to know more about her career and future in the interior design industry.


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Marina Finianos


The Co-founder of Nomad Interiors, Marina Finianos, is an Abu Dhabi-based Interior Designer, holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Interior Design with more than 15 years of experience in Interior Design. She joined Nomad Interiors in 2011 and established the Interior Design Department. Marina is gifted with a keen eye that senses the harmony between space and decor and the ability to assess how well the interiors facilitate lifestyle needs. She leads a professional team of Interior Designers and Architects who offers a full range of Interior Architect services to develop a unique space identity and make clients’ dreams a reality. Marina’s experience went through designing & executing several luxurious Top-Notch projects in the UAE with various Clients and her designs always speak for themselves.



Nomad Interiors


CHALLENGE US, WE DELIVER” Nomad Interiors is an Interior Design & Build Company that aims to serve clients in providing full-scope turnkey interior design, fit-out and furnishings and deliver cost-effective, time efficient and high-quality recognized projects. Nomad Interiors has a pool of Designers and Engineers primed to execute the works with a high-quality luxury touch. We only use the best tools and finest resources to delight the client’s preferences and exceed their expectations. Our creative team of dedicated professionals is also in charge of the fit-out execution, ensuring that every detail of the plan is executed promptly and adequately, turning the clients’ aspirations into reality. All our clients have enjoyed the benefits of Nomad Interiors tailored solutions.


Nomad Interiors project m




Nomad Interiors project n


Career, Inspiration & Design Philosophy


Being a designer means having the passion and talent to perform it. My interest in designing started an early age, where I used to decorate and re-arrange the layout of my own bedroom space. I am driven by my love of colors, design and materials in my surrounding. I equipped myself by getting an educational degree with a design major to further enhance my design skills. I started my career as a designer right after I got my degree, carrying the belief that “every space have something to say about the people who live in them.”


Nomad Interiors project h


BRABBU upholstery Malay chair


I believe that designers’ main inspiration starts from each of their client’s individual needs and identities. The designers’ core target is to bring this identity to life and make it a reality and a living example of their capability and ambition.


Nomad Interiors project c


As a designer, it is essential for me to be inspired and be exceptional when creating a design concept. I do this not only through the use of the existing methods but also by creating something new.


Nomad Interiors project a




I strive to improve my skills and techniques for more creative achievement by keeping myself up to date with all the latest and upcoming trends, materials and technology related to our field and by attending different design seminars, events, exhibits here in UAE and outside UAE (e.g. Salone del mobile Milan) which gives me the chance to explore and enhance my creatively.



Nomad Interiors project i





From my point of view, each Interior Designer should have the knowledge and the capability to understand their client’s preferences. Each designer’s project should have its own unique panorama of elegance, style, unmatched designs, diversity, and colors, ensuring to captivate anyone’s attraction.


Nomad Interiors project p


“Teamwork divides the tasks and multiplies the success”, here in Nomad Interiors, we value teamwork, we have a pool of talented professional designers who inspire and help each other to achieve the company’s primary goal, to serve and satisfy the client, starting from the conceptual ideas, design development to fit-out execution, ensuring that every detail of the design is executed in the form of art.


Nomad Interiors project p


House of Boca do Lobo NYC




My greatest goal is to achieve Nomad Interiors’ vision which is “To be a Reputable Interior Design & Fit-Out Contracting Organization Known as the Best-Value Contractor, Integral to the Success of its Clients”


Nomad Interiors project 3D


We pride ourselves on the high levels of client satisfaction in every step right from projects initiation till handing over, (attached are some images of our executed projects VS 3D renders, illustrating our Design Philosophy of “Dreams do Come true” & Client’s high level of satisfaction).


Nomad Interiors 3D project



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