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Interview with Rui Pinto, Artisan of PullCast!

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Interview with Rui Pinto, Artisan of PullCast!
– The team of Best Interior Designers was at Maison et Objet 2019, where we had the opportunity of interviewing Rui Pinto, the Senior Artisan and Craftsman of PullCast, a luxury hardware brand that made had a huge success at this major tradeshow!



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Let’s get to know better one of PullCast’s top creators and discover his secrets and the way he works! Just sit back and relax!


Interview with Rui Pinto, Artisan of PullCast!


After going through various jewellery shops and brands, Rui fond at Pullcast a safe haven for his creativity! As he puts it, “Pullcast is a place where the power of creation has no limit.”


Interview with Rui Pinto, Artisan of PullCast!


He was confronted with a challenge that pleased him a lot: To create something that didn’t exist in the market!  He did just that and, till this day, he is still doing it! If you don’t believe us, just look at All the products of PullCast!


Introducing The Talented Craftsmen Behind the Bold Pieces of PullCast


But what does inspire Rui? Like PullCast, Rui is inspired by nature and natural elements! His main source of inspiration is the everyday beauty that surrounds us all and that is present in all corners of the world!


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He recollects that this desire for natural inspiration led him to the creation of the Kesya Pull, one of PullCast’s best sellers and one of the most amazing pieces of the Earth Collection. According to Rui, “Kesya was the first piece that I’ve created and I used a piece of wood to make the mold that eventually produced the end product!”




After Kesya and the Earth Collection, Rui in collaboration with PullCast developed other Collections, like the Ocean or the Cosmopolitan Collections! The last one is inspired in a more urban style, but the first one, like the Earth Collections, draws inspiration in nature, namely in the Oceans.



Introducing The Talented Craftsmen Behind the Bold Pieces of PullCast


Is within the Ocean Collection that we find Rui’s favourite piece: the Toile Pull. Inspired in the Coral Reefs, the Toile Pulls are glorious and can transport you instantly to the mysterious beauty of the coral reefs!


Introducing The Talented Craftsmen Behind the Bold Pieces of PullCast


Whether it is a piece form the Ocean or the Cosmopolitan Collections, any piece of PullCast has Rui’s personal touch. His work, passion and dedication fully embody the luxury art of jewellery hardware that is so characteristic of PullCast and that is at the core of this amazing brand! Like Rui, we are sure you’ll fall in love with PullCast as soon as we get to know it better!

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