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Maison Objet Design Event – September 2022

Maison Objet Design Event – September 2022

Maison Objet Design Event – September 2022 – September 2022 is here ! For 25 years, Maison&Objet, organised by SAFI (a subsidiary of Ateliers d’Art de France and RX France), has been engaging with and bringing together the international design, home decor and lifestyle communities. Maison&Objet’s trademark? Its unique ability to generate connections and accelerate business, both during trade fairs and via its digital platform, but also through its unique talent for highlighting trends that will excite and inspire the home decor world.

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Maison Objet Design Event – September 2022

MAISON & OBJECT has been setting an example in the world of design, luxury, lifestyle by inspiring innovation, pushing the newest items, and fostering fresh collaborations – a customer-satisfying solution for every retailer, hospitality professional or interior designer. Reaching up to 80 000 buyers from France and abroad, and beingthe most broadcasted across multiple media channels, exhibition MAISON & OBJET September easily attracts over 3000 exhibitors.


For the September 2022 edition, following two years surrounded by their own four walls, Maison&Objet Paris is inviting visitors to step inside the new kind of world we’ve all been dreaming of, echoing a deep-rooted need for meaning and emotion. Once again this year, Maison&Objet Design Event will clearly be so much more than simply a trade fair: it will be a place that invites visitors to explore unique sensory experiences and tap into tomorrow’s trends. As well as the “in” event (at the Exhibition Centre), Maison&Objet Paris will also host “off” events (Paris Design Week) as well as “on” events (online via the MOM digital platform and the Maison&Objet Academy). Proof itself that hybridisation is now a firm fixture within decoration, design and lifestyle community, too!

Maison e Objet Paris

A vast number of designers and makers have, indeed, already got on board with the trend, seeing homes as protective nests with curvaceous silhouettes whose bubble-gum decors are paired with iridescent hues for a new phantasmagorical feel. Objects, fabrics and furniture all draw on a naive or dreamy repertoire. In the age of an ultra-pixelated metaverse, the (real) home exudes a soft and uplifting vibe. In that vein, the brands like Pink Stories, PolsPotten, Mojow or Italian firm Saba – which has already started retailing its sofas NFT form – already look set to be absolute musts.

There is no denying that the times we are in have sparked a desire for interiors that strike a delicate balance between being grounded in the real world, surrounded by artisan pieces, craftsmanship, and tactile materials, and, at the other end of the spectrum, an appetite for digital living, free of any physical ties. With its “META SENSIBLE” slogan, Maison&Objet Paris expresses this societal undercurrent by presenting a physical world that is no longer in contradiction to its digital counterpart. A brand-new medium for invention, communication, and dissemination is being created between the two worlds thanks to mutual influence, cross-fertilization, and even fusion.

Maison&Objet Guide For The Event:

📍@seletti Hall 7 – A62
📍@boldmonkey_ Hall 6 – G48 – H47
📍@brostecph Hall 6 – G38 – H37
📍@stories_of_italy Hall 7 – D59
📍@worldofeichholtz Hall 6 – E16 – G15
📍@vips_and_friends Hall 6 – A25
📍@athezza_officiel Hall 6 – D68 – E67
📍@abhikahomecouture Hall 6 – A37
📍@brucshomedecor Hall 6 – D16 – E15
📍@LesToilesDuSoleilPerpignan Hall 6 – D60



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