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New Neutral Modern Home in Milan | Draga & Aurel

New Neutral Modern Home in Milan | Draga & Aurel

New Neutral Modern Home in Milan | Draga & Aurel  is here ! Today, your favorite Blog will allow you to explore a jaw-dropping neutral modern home in the busy city of Milan, a unique design project with the best curated pieces of the Night Fever Collection – the newest design collection of the power duo, Draga&Aurel, a special collaboration with the Portuguese brands, DelightFULL and Essential Home.

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While many design trends come and go, the mid-century modern style is well-entrenched in today’s design vocabulary. This groovy yet sophisticated home, designed by the mid-century design studio, shows how elegance and innovation can coexist beautifully.


Explore the rooms filled with the new design pieces of Night FeverDraga&Aurel’s newest collection with DelightFULL and Essential Home. Throughout the virtual tour, you’ll see how different aesthetics blend together. Don’t miss the chance to discover this groovy and elegant project and be emerged by the Night Fever Collection!


Entryway with brown tones

Be our guests, and welcome to this incredible modern home in the busy city of Milan! Sometimes we underestimate the importance of a nice entryway décor, however this all-black entryway design proves how you can make a good first impression of your home. An absolutely breath-taking entryway design in a completely unexpected, rule-breaking color palette: all-black.



Check out this jaw-dropping décor that makes the case for neutral style. Timeless, chic, and always on trend, neutrals never seem to leave the interior spotlight, and for good reason. Creating a neutral color palette with creamy whites, soft beiges, and warm wood tones is one of the easiest ways to design a space that feels bright and welcoming. To add visual interest, the design studio decided to put together a focal point with a lovely abstract piece of art and, on the sides, the Yoyo wall lamps, a unique design of the Night Fever Collection.


Yoyo Wall Lamp & Edith Sideboard



If you’re looking for cohesion and serenity, it only makes sense to continue that neutral color palette in your living room. A warm and welcoming living space area with different textures and materials that add contrast and depth to the room. Here we can see multiple design pieces from the Night Fever Collection, such as the Mirage floor and wall lamps, the Xenon Sofa and armchair, as well as the Caprice cocktail table and Taboo side tables.


Open-concept floor plans are great. They keep the family together, encourage quality time, and are more fun when entertaining—no one likes to cook alone while everyone else is having a good time in the next room.

This dark-toned wooden dining room décor is the epitome of elegance and sophistication . We can already imagine ourselves creating great moments at family dinners. Roxy Dining Chairs and Maxime Dining Table will be the stars of all dinner parties.

The crown-jewel of this dark mid-century modern kitchen décor is definitely the kitchen island. A room that does the right balance between aesthetics and function. Russel bar chairs create a mesmerizing decor effect against the darker colors, while proving a nice minimal design touch to it.


Minelli Bed & Taboo Side Table

Modern rustic spaces tell stories with texture, color, and accent pieces. Think of this rustic bedroom as the ideal middle ground between that and cottage-chic. In other words, rustic home décor is one of our favorite ways to make a room look lived-in, while still exuding a collected vibe without feeling overdecorated.

Elo armchairs, Caprice Cocktail Table & Caprice Tall Side Table

This style brings together elements of polish, distress, texture, and character in a way that feels effortless. And, with a little consideration, the modern rustic look can work well in almost any room, from the living room to the bedroom, and bathroom.



Edith DeskVirginia Armchair & Baughman Bar Cart

The right home office can help increase your productivity by inspiring creativity and allowing you to cancel out other distractions.


When you want to have a break of a stressful day at work, this might be the right place to escape! A playful mid-century modern lounge area with a warm and welcoming color palette that will make you feel that summer endless feeling!



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