Best Interior Designer Project | Brimar Court by Christopher Connell
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Best Interior Designer Project | Brimar Court by Christopher Connell

2013 marks the Twenty-fifth year of Chris Connell Design, a small Interior Design and Architecture studio based in Melbourne, Australia. Although, the size of the studio is not big, the achievements of it owner are impressive. He is one of the best Australian Interior Designers, and his works are very inspiring.

Christopher Connell has over 40 years experience within the Architecture and Interior Design industry as well as the Furniture Industry. Chris Connell along with Partner Raoul Hogg are the founders of MAP international furniture.



Chris Connell is design director and has a reputation for elegantly shaping residential and commercial interiors whilst designing and manufacturing objects and furniture. He strives for simplicity through an attention to detail and honest use of material. Working closely with each client and on every project, the design process begins with the simple sketch of an idea.


Chris Connell Design is a team of experienced interior designers and architects who offer a high level of service and commitment across retail, hospitality and residential projects. With extensive experience and passion for all design Chris Connell incorporates custom product, lighting and furniture into many of his designs.


One of the designer’s impressive projects is the Brimar Court. The house floor plans were applied in accordance with the old building’s footprint but they were given an entirely new build that corresponds to refreshing architecture, interior design and landscaping.

Best-Interior-Designer-Project-Brimar-Court-by-Christopher-Connell-5 The whole internal layout maintain the former layout’s intent, yet it puts greater emphasis on height, light and views out to the landscape. The living space was divided into two different areas that can be closed off at will. The private spaces, such as: bedroom, have more peaceful design that evokes a sense of seclusion making it even more private. The whole residence gives an impression of gallery-like building.


The Brimar Court project was one of the shortlisted candidates for the Single Residential category in Interior Design Excellent Awards (IDEA) 2012. To see more Chris Connell’s works visit his website!