Best Interior Designer Project | Manhattan Apartment by John Saladino
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Best Interior Designer Project | Manhattan Apartment by John Saladino

John Saladino is one of the world’s most distinguished Architectural and Interior Designers with a reputation for originality and excellence for over 35 years. He leads a large firm of talented, multinational Architects and Designers to create timeless Architecture, Interiors, Landscaping, Restoration and Furniture for an international clientele.


Born in Kansas City, Missouri, John Saladino graduated from Notre Dame and The Yale School of Art and Architecture. In 1972 he founded Saladino Group Inc. which has grown into a full service Architectural, Interior Design and Landscape Design firm with a multinational staff of 25. Current projects range from a palace in Kuwait, a garden on a private island in Greece, a 10,000 square foot Palladian residence in Palm Beach, as well as several private residences in Santa Barbara, Seattle and residential towers with huge public spaces in New York City.



Often referred to as the  designers’ designer, John Saladino’s timeless work continues his philosophy of mixing “old with new” and appeals to both traditional and modern clients. His full maturity as an artist and a master of scale blends easily with his historical references, from the Villa of Mysteries in Pompeii through Palladio and William Kent. His work is always layered with historical knowledge, whether implicit or explicit.


One of John Saladino’s projects is a Manhattan Apartment. The owners of the residence are the designer’s friends, Tina and Jeffrey Bolton. Before this project, John Saladino decorated other property of the Boltons, a country house which was decorated in a warm, inviting and casual style. The Manhattan Apartment’s style is different and it reflects characteristic style of John Saladino, the old-world artistry and the luxurious minimalism.


The apartment, bought in 2006, has seven rooms. It is located in a gracious, prewar building on New York’s Upper East Side. Not everything in the apartment is evanescent. John Saladino always cares about the practical side of all his interiors. One of the owners’ favourite rooms is Jeffrey’s office that can also serve as a guest room. The designer chose for this room a sprawling sofa that is actually two adjacent twin bed on casters which can be swung around and pushed together.


The whole apartment is maintained in characteristic and unique John Saladino’s style. It combines antique fragments and techniques with a minimalistic modernism. The atmosphere of the Manhattan Apartment can be described as sensual, elegant but also calming.


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