A Spanish Interior Designer in Saudi Arabia Toscana Venture
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A Spanish Interior Designer in Qatar : Toscana Venture

The firm was established back in 2003, with Mrs. Sol Marban as the General Manager. Mrs. Sol is a commendably experienced Interior Designer from Spain who went on to pursue her specialized skills in the United States of America. Her vocational passion for the industry and her in-depth knowledge are important factors that motivated her to pursue her desire and assist with the creation of the Company.A Spanish Interior Designer in Saudi Arabia Toscana Venture

Toscana Venture began as an Interior Design firm that through the years has innovated and adapted to the needs of the market by creating different branches within the company such as landscaping services, gypsum services, building materials distribution, security system solutions, and painting services. It continues to expand and innovate in order to offer a supply of special products and services and to deliver the best quality to clients.

The interiors of the places we live and work at reflect “Our Most Personal Art”.  If the idea of implementing or creating a new look for your Home, Office, or Commercial Outlet seems like a daunting task, allow our team of experienced Interior Designers at Toscana Venture take care of this creation and of its execution.

Toscana shall be your Guide through the abundance of choices available to you in the world of Furniture, Fabrics, Wall Finishes, Lightings, Floorings etc. Our manufacturers, craftspeople, retailers among others come together in order to orchestrate the creations that you desire.A Spanish Interior Designer in Saudi Arabia Toscana Venture

As an Advisor, Toscana will help you to solidify the style you desire. We will assist you in creating a space that fits your lifestyle and create an outcome that communicates your vision as well as the details of your project. Toscana will also help you set realistic expectations of the project, regarding the Look, Budget, and Timeline. More importantly, we will create an overall plan to see the project through.

As a Resource, Toscana can present innovative design ideas by offering an abundance of resources to complete the job and deliver what you envision. We will offer our trajectory knowledge and serve as experienced Project Managers in order to execute our services.A Spanish Interior Designer in Saudi Arabia Toscana Venture

Toscana is responsible for all aspects of the interior design and the coordination of “Turn-key” supply of furniture as well as for bearing the contractual responsibility for quality, prices and delivery terms for each individual client.

Toscana’s competitive qualities, trajectory, and knowledge of the market have enabled it to participate in high profile projects such as the Mondrian Doha Hotel. The company offers a complete package of solutions, services, and supplies for interiors and exteriors which includes design consultations, shop drawings, production, project management, delivery and site installation of turn-key projects.A Spanish Interior Designer in Saudi Arabia Toscana Venture

Toscana Venture is a modern and efficient organization whose purpose is to meet the growing demand for skilled know-how in interior decoration, furniture and finishings. Toscana Venture’s experience, creativity and technical know-how enables it to offer highly competitive prices for the ever increasing quality of finishings requested by international clients. For this reason, we are committed to continue to offer solutions for the building sector challenges that clients are faced with in the local market.A Spanish Interior Designer in Saudi Arabia Toscana Venture