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Jean Stéphane Beauchamp Design | Exclusive Interview

Jean Stéphane Beauchamp Design | Exclusive InterviewJean Stephane Beauchamp is a renowned Canadian interior designer, based in Montreal, who provides complete residential and commercial and decorating services. He enjoys mixing design elements that create unique, personal, comfortable, sophisticated, and timeless spaces. Jean Stéphane Beauchamp is also proud of his diplomas in Design & Fine Arts, studies in Photography, Psychology, and graduate studies in Art Therapy. Best Interior Designers had the opportunity to talk to this talented professional in an exclusive interview.

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Best Interior Designers: How did you get involved in the interior design Industry?

Jean Stephane Beauchamp:  I have studied Design, Fine Arts, Psychology, and Art Therapy. I have also worked on construction and have renovated my own Victorian home. Interior design is just a natural part of who I am.

Jean Stéphane Beauchamp

Best Interior Designers: How would you describe your work style? Do you have any kind of signatures that help to identify your projects?

Jean Stephane Beauchamp:  Think lighthearted and dramatic. The tension between soft colors and darker, moodier tones. Painted wood, painted brick, painted floors. Timeless, fun, and inviting.

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Best Interior Designers:  Being in love with our work is always the key to achieving better results. Are you in love with this job? What do you love most about being an interior designer?

Jean Stephane Beauchamp: I have always loved this work. I like the creative process and problem-solving.

Jean Stéphane Beauchamp kitchen white and blue cabintes and drawers

Best Interior Designers: What is your philosophy on design and life?

Jean Stephane Beauchamp: Beauty adds value to our lives. The function makes it simpler.

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Best Interior Designers: Keeping up to date on all the trends is essential for anyone who wants to conquer this market. In what ways do you keep current with new trends?

Jean Stephane Beauchamp: I read good magazines, but I do admit to avoiding trends as much as I can. I wait for trends to become staples before integrating anything into what I do.

Jean Stéphane Beauchamp laundry blue cabinets

Best Interior Designers: Which major international events do you attend/follow to get the latest novelties?

Jean Stephane Beauchamp: Very few. IDS usually.

kitchen black cabinets Jean Stéphane Beauchamp

Best Interior Designers: How would you describe your personal decorating style?

Jean Stephane Beauchamp: I will use the words of my clients to define my style: sophisticated, fresh, casual, unique, elegant and authentic. I would call it eclectic, colorful, playful yet elegant.

Best Interior Designers: All artists need some inspiration to work, and interior designers are artists too. So, what or who really inspires you?

Jean Stephane Beauchamp: Nature. Everything we need for inspiration can be found in nature: colors, contrast, tension, beauty, and even the sublime.

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Best Interior Designers: Inspiration is something that pushes everyone to create unique things. What makes you see the world in a different way?

Jean Stephane Beauchamp: My Visual Arts studies. My work was In-Situ multimedia installation. Helped me understand the relationship between people and their environment.

black kitchen modern furniture Jean Stéphane Beauchamp

Best Interior Designers: If you had to pick one project around the world that you wish was made by you, which one would it be?

Jean Stephane Beauchamp: The next one.


Best Interior Designers: How important is a perfect chemistry between you and your clients to achieve the best results?

Jean Stephane Beauchamp: Very. More importantly: communication.

cozy living room Jean Stéphane Beauchamp

Best Interior Designers: Choose the best pieces to compose a project can be the secret to getting the best overall result. Although it seems easy, this is a delicate task and needs full attention on time to execute. Do you have some tips for those who do not know well how to start a challenge like this?

Jean Stephane Beauchamp: Hire a designer that won’t do everything you want, but understands and pushes you to ultimately create a better home for you.

green wall bedroom Jean Stéphane Beauchamp

Best Interior Designers: Do you think working with teams in interior design is better or worse than working alone? Why?

Jean Stephane Beauchamp: I work alone. I hire freelancers. I want to be part of every step of every project. This works for me.

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Best Interior Designers: Is there anything exciting that you are working on at the moment that you can tell us about?

Jean Stephane Beauchamp: I have been working on projects abroad and in other provinces, all virtually. I like new challenges.

blue functional kitchen details Jean Stéphane Beauchamp

Best Interior Designers: What has been your greatest accomplishment as a designer?

Jean Stephane Beauchamp: Surviving for more than 20 years and still getting published. My work has been published nationally and internationally in over 40 magazines and I have collaborated in more than 30 published articles.

Best Interior Designers: What goals do you have for the future?

Jean Stephane Beauchamp: To keep working with great clients and maybe do a little more TV and more podcasts.

kitchen white contemporary but vintage details white cabinetsJean Stéphane Beauchamp

Best Interior Designers: Do you have a favorite project or a favorite story about one of your projects?

Jean Stephane Beauchamp: I generally have very few “repeats” with clients. One example: a client told me that her kitchen from 17 years ago still looks great and doesn’t need any updating. But I do have a few clients that find small projects for me just to stay in touch. That makes it all worth the while.


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