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Living Room Details That Won’t Go Unnoticed

Living Room Details

Our living room is a really special place in our houses: is the place where we socialize with friends and family and we have some fun in our free time. So this place deserves to have our personality and should respond to our needs. What really makes the difference in any design are the details. So, today, Best Interior Designers is going to show you how details make all the difference. Enjoy!

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Black Lamp DelightfulDesign the Perfect Living Room by adding the most beautiful details that make all the difference. Basie table light is a vintage mid-century lamp with distinct features that make it stand out in any room setting. Handmade in brass, with an aluminum shade and a marble base, it features a top cover that can be customized with any color of your choosing. Living Room By Richmond InteriorsRichmond Interiors has been working hard for years in furniture land. Today they are known for our varied and atmospheric collections and travel around the world to continuously gain new inspiration. Whatever it might be, Richmond Interiors‘ items must always exude class, comfort, and atmosphere. The firm continuously strives for the perfect balance between sustainable quality with a chic touch and a suitable price.

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White And Gold Center TableLapiaz center table takes exceptional craftsmanship and design to a new realm. Its organic features are achieved through the manual fitting of the polished brass sheet, and a curved exterior finished in glossy white lacquer finish. The hammered brass details and mirrored sides convey both dynamics and elegance to bring a new contemporary verve into refined interiors. Patterned statement rugNothing better than a patterned rug to set the tone for your living room design. This colorful living room is a one-of-a-kind creation, from all kinds of different graphic elements as well as a mixture of patterns. The Simba Rug is a geometric rug with a mid-century style that brings all this together and creates a statement in the living room.

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Living Room Chandelier By LuxxuThe Mcqueen Chandelier combines the best luxury with the most exquisite handmade materials. Made with gold plated hammered brass, handmade butterflies, and majestic flowers ending with the touch of beautiful Swarovski crystals. Bold and feminine, this creation is a real sculpture to uplift your living room.

Living Room RugThe star of this living room, the Valencia Rug, was inspired by a Summer trip to Valencia, a Spanish city where the heat is dominant and the colors vibrant. A city so strong and colorful that could only be portrayed in neutral tones, where warm yellow invades. The registration of neutral but warm colors transports us for unparalleled comfort. VALENCIA is a contemporary rug with hand-tufted Botanical Silk.

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Living room Statement Armchair By ASH NYCBased In New York, ASH Staging is the premier full-suite interior furnishing service by ASH NYC. The firm offers world-class design solutions delivered with white-glove service in just weeks, for homeowners and real estate professionals alike.

Living Room Design By Robert StilinRobert Stilin is known for effortlessly combining crisp, clean architecture with custom upholstery, vintage furniture, and contemporary art to create casually elegant homes that are warm, comfortable, and very livable. With over 25 years of experience running his own design firm, the designer has built a solid reputation as a highly versatile interior designer whose classically modern work is custom-tailored to the needs of each client and project.

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Living Room Design By Ovadia Design GroupOvadia Design Group is an award-winning architectural interior design company specializing in high-end residential and commercial designs. From space and proportion challenges to juggling hard-to-find purchases and deliveries, Ovadia Design Group promises professionalism from the starting gate to the finish line.

Living Room Details By Boca Do LoboTaking center stage in this modern living room, Boca do Lobo’s Imperfectio Sofa is the ultimate luxury design piece. Imperfectio Sofa is the expression of imperfect aesthetic, the appeal of that which is authentic art that is truer to life.

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