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How To Apply Marie Kondo’s Tips to a Luxury Decor

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Today, Best Interior Designers will follow the trends and will give you several tips on how to apply Marie Kondo’s teachings to a Luxury World Decor


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The best lesson that Marie Kondo’s teach us is: If it doesn’t spark joy, be gone with it. That’s the basis of the popular and so trendy Marie Kondo Method that, recently, gained newfound worldwide popularity due to the astonishing success of the new Netflix series, Tidying Up with Marie Kondo that puts to practice all the teachings present in Kondo’s best-selling book, The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up.


How To Apply Marie Kondo's Tips to a Luxury World


But can you apply the KonMari Method to your luxury and lavish home? Yes, you can. Regardless of your Social Status or the Style of Your Home Decor, the KonMari Method can be applied to anyone and to every situation. Here are the best Tips to apply the KonMari Method to your Luxury Contemporary Home:


How To Apply Marie Kondo's Tips to a Luxury World


1 – Focuses on organizing your home by the categories of items as opposed to by specific rooms. The categories are: clothing, books, paper documents, sentimental items, and “Komono,” (miscellaneous).  Take advantage of your extravagant and powerful cabinets, sideboards or wardrobes to apply this method with an ample organization and in a stunning fashion! The bigger your house is and the more furniture pieces you have, the hardest it is to apply the simplistic KonMari Method, but at least you’ll have ample storage space!


How To Apply Marie Kondo's Tips to a Luxury World


2 – Don’t Complicate. The basis of the KonMari Method is to simplify and organize the most you can. It’s hard sometimes if you have too much stuff to apply this Method, namely if you have a lot of furniture pieces. But when you are decorating your home, please take in the advice of Mari Kondo and choose only the furniture pieces that you’ll love or that bring you joy and try to reduce your choices to the fundamentals.


How To Apply Marie Kondo's Tips to a Luxury World


3 – Thank your Home, Thank your Life. When she is organizing a Home, Kondo starts by asking clients to “greet the home” with her and they proceed by sitting on the floor, eyes closed in silence, as she cleanses the home with her presence. Kondo also encourages the owner to thank any tossed item for its service before passing it along, but she defends that the path of a successful and organized Home is a spiritualized one. Get rid of bad energies and be thankful for what you have,  and then dive into your process of organization!


How To Apply Marie Kondo's Tips to a Luxury World

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