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Inside A Modern Living Room By Olga Bondareva

Modern Living Room

The purest elegance and minimalism come together in the brand new Caffe Latte Home and Covet House partnership, through a modern living room, designed by Olga Bondareva. With a clean smooth aesthetic, this modern living room is bound to make you feel at home. See for yourself and enjoy.



Inside A Modern Living Room By Olga Bondareva

Strongly marked by the presence of gray and white tones, with subtle shades of brown and walnut, this elegant living room is reminiscent of a museum gallery, in which it contemplates authentic cozy relaxing pieces, which will allow the body and soul to rest, such as Soleil Sofa and Armchair, by Boca do Lobo, in neutral and soft tones, such as Wales Bench, from Brabbu, as cozy as the blanket that covers it, and White Garden, a warm and fluffy rug by Rug’Society.

Inside A Modern Living Room By Olga Bondareva

In terms of tables, they are distinguished by the extreme quality of the materials, as well as their functionality and adaptability. So, in the center, we can find Minas Big and Small Coffee Tables, by Caffe Latte, and as excellent support for the sofa, Cutty Side Table, also from Caffe Latte. Regarding lighting elements, Marcus Suspension Lamp, by Delightfull, stands out as a true statement of neutrality, imbued with a unique industrial design, contrasting with the irreverence of the Cubic Wall Lamp, from Boca do Lobo.



Inside A Modern Living Room By Olga Bondareva

More subtle, but still imposing, it is also worth noting the presence of the Apache Table Lamp, by Brabbu, coated in white marble, and paired with the functional and aesthetic Vertigo Console, by Luxxu.

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Coherent and clear, this modern living room is an idyllic and demonstrative mirror of true comfortable luxury, an unmistakable hallmark of Caffe Latte and Covet House brands, in partnership with Olga Bondareva.


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