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Elizabeth Metcalfe | Best Interior Designers From Canada

Elizabeth Metcalfe

So, have you heard of Elizabeth Metcalfe? She is one of the most famous interior designers in Canada. Elizabeth Metcalfe Interiors is a truly remarkable firm. In fact, over their two decades of existence, they have become one of the top interior design studios in Canada. Their projects carry a sense of functionality and restraint. Indeed, you’ll see a lot of minimalism and a focus on clean, geometrical lines. However, this does not mean that their designs don’t have personality. On the contrary, we’ll show you the beauty and originality of Elizabeth Metcalfe and her incredible work!

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Elizabeth Metcalfe | Best Interior Designers From Canada

Elizabeth Metcalfe | Best Interior Designers From Canada

Since it was designed for the renovation of an ancient house, this project had to have a classic vibe. Yet, there’s nothing old-fashioned about this gorgeous blend of contemporary and mid-century design. Indeed, all the vintage elements, such as the stained glass and the fireplace are seamlessly integrated into a mid-century modern rather than retro room. This project is all about minimalism and bold shapes. Most importantly, it focuses on the comfort of its inhabitants. And it’s just so airy and light!

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Elizabeth Metcalfe | Best Interior Designers From Canada

Elizabeth Metcalfe | Best Interior Designers From Canada

Unlike the previous project, this one was designed for a new building. Consequently, there’s no commitment to honoring the history of the place. Yet, the Gordon Wood project was actually named the Best Interior Design Private Residence in OntarioThe goal here was to create a home that was both luxurious and comfortable. In fact, the house had to be large and grand enough to entertain large groups, but also to serve as a family home. And it’s got all kinds of cool and original geometric details to add a personal touch.

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This amazing condo design is based on a neutral color palette. The curved patterns complement the minimalist lines just right, and the end result is a totally modern design that completely stuns you. The dining room includes art pieces and chineses potery for a touch of personality. Yet, the “wow factor” in this amazing project doesn’t end there. The bedroom design uses the same minimalist tricks and geometric patterns to create a truly special space.

Stunning bedroom, right? Just notice the neutral color scheme and details inspired by classical antiquity.


Finally, you can actually see a lot of the same strategies in this Lakeview Penthouse project. The clean, geometric shapes take center stage once again. Also, the owners of the penthouse wanted the same thing as those of Gordon Woods. Their goal was to create a house that was both suited to large parties and to a more intimate daily life. The art pieces chosen for the decor were also carefully curated. You can absolutely see the care that was put into this project. Not convinced? Just look at the amazing bedroom and the harmonious use of marble in the kitchen.


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