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BRABBU upholstery Malay chair

Get inspired by this amazing and inspirational ebook featuring top interiors! We are living in a time where everybody wants to be perceived for their difference, it is crucial to look beyond the obvious. It is fundamental to bring this same difference to our home as well. As a way to start 2020, our first resolution is to offer you solutions for every home division: a way for you to make your own interior design project with extra help – style by style, room by room. Here is what we can call decoration literature!



The recipe is simple: first, you need to figure out what style is best suitable for your project. Remember the place where you feel the most comfortable is at home, so be free to express yourself without any kind of limitation. Combine these factors and you achieve the perfect project for your interior design: a project that remains loyal to your view and personality.



Perhaps you will feel more comfortable with Modern, which makes you a minimalist, someone who prefers a more natural decor. If you think Contemporary will suit you best, it means you like to mix different waves and you want a space filled with sophistication. If you see yourself as someone creative, you can possibly be more comfortable with Eclectic, whereas if you enjoy things a little more traditional, you can always opt for Classic. Last, but not least, for the nostalgic, Mid-Century might be a perfect choice.





There is also a sixth option. That is… what if you cannot decide? This book will guide you through a “how-to”, by helping you choose the right furniture, materials and finishes, therefore you can get a sense of what style your project fits best. And if necessary, we can arrange changes that will make your products exactly as you want them – we have an excellent customization service.



And this is not all. For inspiration, you can also find a wide range of projects – whether residential, commercial or even concerning hospitality. Since culture is important to us and the basis for any way of living, you will also find projects from around the globe, in countries such as France, Sweden, UK, Germany, Russia, Japan and Singapore. If you happen to like one of the interior design projects shown, you can buy it whole.


Maya Armchair Upholstery BRABBU



As a final note, we are delighted to announce some of our brand new additions: the AGRA Coffee Table, ideal for a living room, and the WALES Bed and the WALES Bench – similar to the designs of the sofa, these new products were created to suit your needs for your own bedroom – comfort and sophistication even with your eyes closed.


Maya Armchair Upholstery BRABBU


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