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Contemporary and Timeless Interiors by Boca do Lobo

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Maison et Objet 2020 is always the best place to find the latest trends and the wildest ideas for your next project! This time Boca do Lobo presented an extraordinary concept: “Contemporary and Timeless Interiors”, a classic concept that resonates with Boca do Lobo‘s core message of how luxury design aligned with exquisite craftsmanship creates inspiring interiors.


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Contemporary and Timeless Interiors by Boca do Lobo1


The brand presents 6 New Design Pieces. A lengthy tradition of bespoke and exceptional Craftsmanship to conceive such an exclusive design. Entering into the Dining Area, the new definition of detailed craftsmanship, the classic but edgy Metamorphosis Dining Table takes the main role with one-of-a-kind design aesthetic and refined statement to the most influential minds. Surprising every professional, the Brand prepared a second and more contemporary Dining Area, with Pietr Dining Table in the centre stage.



By the two living rooms in this splendid design scenario, Imperfectio Sofa and Versailles armchair create perfect luxurious areas yet romantic in a peculiar way.



Contemporary and Timeless Interiors by Boca do Lobo6



As always, Boca do Lobo also presented a strong selection of Mirrors and Consoles that can work in any environment. Take a look at these stunning examples of amazing combinations between Consoles, Mirrors, Lighting Fixtures and Tables presented by this curated brand that evokes in all of us that contemporary and exquisite style we are always looking for!


Contemporary and Timeless Interiors by Boca do Lobo6


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