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Designer Interview | Merna Sami A Rising Talent In The World Of Design

Designer Interview is here! Interior designer and 3D visualizer Merna Sami was our guest for this designer interview. Based in Cairo, this young designer is quickly rising in the world of interior design with unique and stunning interiors. She received recognition in 2019 for her “Sea Wonders Eco-lodge” project at the IDA “International Design Awards” ceremony held at Pacific Design Center in Los Angeles. She is a rising star that we had the honor to talk to. Keep reading to learn more about Merna Sami.

Designer Interview With Merna Sami

In this designer interview, Merna Sami claims that her love of design began long ago when she was a young girl. She has always enjoyed using color and admiring vibrant artwork. She added that she enjoyed following her uncle around to see what he was up to in the world of design. She had a strong preference for the department of interior and furniture design when she first started college.

“In my childhood, I loved looking at pictures filled with colors, playing with colors and choosing them. I loved to look at paintings drawn in distinctive colors.”

She recently created this stunning living room with the AGATHA RUG. We were honored to have her use Rug’Society products in her designs. The charming AGATHA RUG, with its abstract pattern, adds some fluidity to this warm and sophisticated contemporary living room. Merna Sami specifically created this space with the Agatha rug in mind.

Since graduating, Merna Sami has had the dream of starting her own business, but she feels she must first gain more experience before moving forward with this. She has worked for numerous interior design firms in order to achieve this, where she gained teamwork skills, learned how to develop ideas, and more. She took internships at places like Engco and Elmasria, to name a couple. She claimed that over the course of this time, her drive and desire to create more independent projects only grew. We hope to see this dream come true in the near future.

“I love how the designers and architects think about creating a space in a wonderful and comfortable way for the user.”

One of her greatest challenges to date has been a client who demanded something novel that he had never seen before. It is not always easy to come up with something completely innovative. He liked all of her design suggestions, but he wasn’t persuaded, so Merna Sami had to create a mood board with a variety of suggestions that matched his preferences.

She even had to come up with a unique way to design furniture for this project in order to satisfy the client’s request for something he had never seen imitated before. She admitted that it was one of the hardest times she had to design a space.

Exclusive Designer Interview With Merna Sami From Cairo

Looking ahead, Merna Sami is currently designing the ground floor of a villa in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, which will include a master bedroom with an outdoor garden and sitting area, a dining room for guests, a family hall, and a living room for guests. We are incredibly eager to follow this new project’s progress.

Merna Sami appreciates teamwork because it fosters creativity. The sharing of ideas and opinions increases the chances of creating the best design. When the team members are exceptional, imaginative, and have vast design knowledge, she particularly enjoys working in teams. All of the team members’ ideas are expanded as a result.

Her graduation “Sea Wonders Eco-lodge” project is what Merna Sami is most proud of. In the vicinity of the Valley of the Whales in the Egyptian governorate of Faiyum, there was an eco-lodge with a museum displaying prehistoric whale fossils.

The Valley of the Whales’ numerous fossilized remains of some of the earliest whale species led to its designation as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in July 2005. The Eco-lodge in this heritage site is the subject of this project. She was also recognized for this project at the 2019 Los Angeles “International Design Awards” Ceremony.

Although there are no set styles in Merna Sami’s projects, she tends to favor more opulent and contemporary interior designs. Although some styles, like classic, neoclassical, and contemporary, are demanded by clients, the majority of the demanded designs are in the luxury modern style. In terms of trends, she searches for what’s new in terms of colors, materials, and wall claddings, following the most recent designs in accordance with the needs and preferences of the client.

“There are some styles that are required by clients, such as classic, neoclassic, and contemporary, but most of the required designs are in luxury modern style.”

It can be challenging to maintain a signature style while showcasing the client’s needs and preferences. Merna Sami acknowledged that she frequently creates a mood board before beginning a project. She compiles images that reflect the client’s preferences along with ideas for how to expand and present the concept.

She developed an understanding of the client’s preferences for the interior design through discussion. She primarily works on the client’s concept, adding her own flair so that it reflects their preferences and ideas while having a fresh personality.

When given the option to prioritize either functionality or beauty, the interior designer chooses functionality. She takes care of the fundamental requirements and practical dimensions to ensure that the client is both functionally and aesthetically satisfied with the design.

She won’t consider the decorative additions, colors, engravings, or accessories until afterward. She explained to us that she adds aesthetic features to the scene, such as plants, antiques, artifacts, statues, and accessories that enhance its beauty, to ensure that the scene is rendered in an aesthetically pleasing manner.

Rugs are a crucial component of Merna Sami designs, especially in rooms with lots of space. It sets apart the furniture positioned above it with its distinctive colors and varied patterns. It is crucial for the majority of her designs to choose the right rug for each space because there are so many different shapes, patterns, and textures. This gives the room a unique appearance and a warm, cozy feeling.

“Rugs are an essential element in my designs. There are many different shapes, patterns and textures, and by choosing the right rug for each space gives the place a distinctive look with a warm and comfortable feeling”

During this designer interview, we questioned her about her favorite brands and items from the Home’Society collection. She emphasized the “ARDARA II Console” from BRABBU, the “OSLO RUG” from Rug’Society, and the “LAPIAZ” collection from Maison Valentina.

“They are so luxury and have a fancy look. I use them in inspirational mood boards of luxury modern interiors as suggestions for luxury furniture pieces in the design, meanwhile, there are many other beautiful pieces in your brands to be used in my mood boards, I just chose here my favorite ones.”

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