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Top 5 Arabic Living Room Inspiration

Every country and every culture have different decoration styles. The decoration is just another aspect that represent people’s culture. But with globalization the world looks closer and closer, and you already can see inspiration from different cultures in several countries. Well, you can apply it also to interior design styles!

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The Arabic home decorating is a great source of inspiration. The Arabic homes are full of details are with a lot of luxury furniture. When you see some pictures it looks like you just got into a luxurious world! The Arab decoration is very exotic and their interior designers use the most extravagant furniture and invest on unique details. This is all to give the feeling that you just entered into a palace. Well, take a look at the 5 best living room sets using Arabic home decoration ideas:

top 5 arabic

The Arabic Interior Design are full of hot and strong colors. Red, orange and yellow are used not only on sofaschairs and pillows, but also on carpets and walls!


chandelier is an essential furniture piece on an Arabic living room decoration. You can choose a golden one with a lot  of decorative details and curved lines.


Curved lines and a lot of details – even in the walls – define the Arabic style! The baroque print with golden tones and the wall sconces have a very special place in this kind of decoration.


Gold is one of the most used colors in Arabia! Gold sofas, wall mirrors, chandeliers, wall sconces and even walls. This color is related with royalty and luxury, it’s easy to understand why it is so used in this country interior design!


Prints and prints everywhere! Arabian culture loves to mix prints and colors, creating what seems a confused ambiance but, at the same time, very rich and powerful.

If you want a luxury home, one of the decorating styles you can use is the Arabic one. You can find amazing furniture pieces with a lot of luxury details in some online furniture stores. You just have to know the colors you should use – red, orange, yellow, golden and some strong green and blue details – and some essential pieces, just like big chandeliers, gold wall sconces, curved lines sofas and wood coffee tables. Take a look at some luxury furniture that are perfect for this kind of decoration:



Zar 2009 Sofa by Versace Home;


Saskia Sofa by Christopher Guy;


Mistress Banquette by Koket;


Mimi Armchair by Koket;


Grand Cru Sofa by Christopher Guy;


Deco Vanitas Poltrone by Versace Home;


Duyal Poltrone by Versace Home;


Caprichosa Sofa by Koket;


Asteroid 2014 Sofa by Versace Home;




Vivre Chandelier by Koket;


Eternity Chandelier by Koket;

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With this furniture pieces, you can decorate your home with Arabic style. If you are looking for more inspiration ideas for Arabic homes check out Interior Design Ideas for Arabian Luxury Homes.