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Pepe Calderin Design | A Majestic Million Dollar Penthouse In Miami

Pepe Calderin Design is here ! Interior design company with offices in New York and Miami that specializes in creating luxurious homes and businesses that are filled with life and warmth. The company has more than 20 years of expertise and has won national and international design awards for a range of areas, fashions, and a portfolio that covers four continents.

Pepe Calderin Design has garnered recognition for its fresh, energetic, visionary approach to the modern design process, where the philosophy is “A space has no boundaries, and has limitless possibilities.” Creating an open, dynamic environment where one can thrive and grow serves as the core initiative. Through the fostering of an intimate connection with the client, each project becomes a distinctive reflection of their unique personality, lifestyle, and spirit.In Miami, this magnificent mansion designed by Pepe Calderin is a dream residence. Facing one of the city’s most opulent marinas, it offers us an amazing view. This house is in a quiet neighborhood, close to important commercial districts and nightlife hotspots, with quick access to lovely beaches. We may see the best of both worlds by drawing inspiration from the sophistication and luminosity of Miami in contrast to the eccentricity of the designer Pepe Calderin.

Starting with the living room, we see a huge rug in shades of green with snake pattern contrasting with the black of the Marco armchairs and the white of the Fitzgerald modular sofa, highlighting the golds of the center table that give a glamorous touch in the room. Fitzgerald was the perfect choice for this living room, because it is completely adaptable to the measurements of the spaces, because unlike this house, modern homes have the rooms smaller and smaller.

In the dining room, gold tones predominate, both in the Lane suspension lamp by DelightFULL and in the inconic Monocles sideboard by Essential Home, which contrast with the black of the Collins dining chairs. Highlights include the Monocles, a piece full of history, inspired by the Bond film, enjoys charm and luxury like no other piece could ever have. With its solid walnut wood frames and gilded brass legs it is the ideal piece for retro lovers and Mid Century style admirers.

Again in golden tones, we present the kitchen, with red accents this kitchen is incredibly modern and current. With Kelly bar chairs, best sellers from Essential Home, who wouldn’t want to enjoy this kitchen? Inspired by the sculpted arches of the bar in the classic movie Casablanca, it is an unforgettable international piece, besides being stylish, it was made to be comfortable and to withstand long periods of sitting.

Family room, a room dedicated to the family, where socializing and entertainment are promoted. In lighter tones than we have seen, we have in the foreground the beige color with a touch of peach color in the bench and armchairs. This room has a cleaner look where it is possible to sit the whole family and be in harmony.

Going through the master bedroom, we can see a different environment from these common areas we have seen so far, we see a room in darker and cleaner tones, without big patterns and colors. Pepe opted for a palette of blue tones combined with whites and golds. This bed made especially for this project was inspired by the Loren armchair from Essentia Home, lit by Gallianos suspension lamps and the Karlotta armchair designed by Karim Rashid for Essential Home.

Finally, we have the office, a more professional place where you can keep all the household distractions out the door. It’s a very spacious office, with two beautiful statues created from scratch on purpose for this project. Accompanied by the Minelli armchair, a classic-looking armchair that is both stunning and timeless, proving that Mid Century style hasn’t gone out of style yet.



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