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A Contemporary And Luxurious House By : Martinuzzi Interiors

A Contemporary And Luxurious House By : Martinuzzi Interiors


A Contemporary and a Luxurious House by Martinuzzi Interiors, in ZurichSwitzerland with enrichment of the living spaces in their core aesthetic atmosphere! An exclusive project with the special presence of the luxury Eden Patina Center Table by Boca do Lobo!


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Step inside this Luxurious House in Switzerland

Villa Weinberg, on the Erlenbach hill overlooking Lake Zurich, is the project in dispute. The most varied and luxury brands may be found in this great area for premium interior design.

Villa Weinberg Living room

When you walk into the 600 m2 room, the mix of materials and textures is perfectly harmonized, giving the space a clean and soothing vibe. The Asian paintings above the fireplace and the stunning Eden Center Table by Boca do Lobo are two examples.

Eden Patina Center Table by Boca do Lobo

Eden is inspired by the mystic behind the name. This center table depicts a section of the tree of knowledge and the story of desire’s creation.

Living Room With Brown Tones

Boca do Lobo combines the greatest quality materials and textures, sculpting them into items that create a cosmopolitan luxury environment, with this table serving as the best example.

eden patina center table

Made entirely of polished casted brass, the top is beautifully carved, revealing the heart of a golden tree to the very heart of a home.

eden patina center table 02

Available a set of two center tables and also an elegant and highly decorative side table.

eden patina center table

With simple lines, this Contemporary And Luxurious House played perfectly with natural tones such as white, grey and browncontrasting them with brass surfaces form an elegant touch.

living room with dark sofa

In the living room, the lines are very simpleclean and eclectic as we can see by the rug and the sofa, which give space for statement pieces to shine.

Villa Weinberg
The open area, living room, and dining room, which properly express the project’s idea, are the focal points of this opulent home.
Villa Weinberg
The dining room follows the same logic of the previous space, where a beautiful and contemporary
chandelier illuminates the simple and clean lines of the dining table and chair, creating the perfect mood.


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