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A Cosmopolitan Residence By Uzca Designs

A Cosmopolitan Residence By Uzca Designs

A Cosmopolitan Residence

A Cosmopolitan Residence by UZCA Designs’  – In one of Europe’s most stunning cities, Prague, UZCA Designs has built an exceptional contemporary and sophisticated project. The Most Expensive Homes blog has further information on this project.



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Living Room With Lightning Tones

The internationally renowned American interior design firm is known for creating custom and one-of-a-kind residences. What better project to get Boca do Lobo involved in?

A stunning individualized place in the luxury home celebrates innovation and personality. Every space is dominated by dark colors, which create a serious mood while yet allowing for creativity to bloom. This modern and appealing home design concept stands out for its depth in simplicity. In this endeavor, every detail matters, resulting in aesthetic perfection.

Living Room

Dark Living Room With A Fireplace

In this interior design project, the living room serves as the focal point and gathering place. Each piece neatly completes the elegant living environment, drawing inspiration from minimalism and paying close attention to every detail. Boca do Lobo‘s Eden Center Table lends a bold and artistic edge to the space, which is flanked by a lovely and plain white sofa.

White Couch in Dark Living Room

The mysticism surrounding the name Eden has inspired Eden. This center table’s materials and textures are of the highest quality. In contrast to worldwide interior design, the Eden Center table is one of the brand’s most iconic designs, perfectly illustrating UZCA Designs’ philosophy of incorporating the best furnishings and creations into its designs. What could be a better alternative than Boca do Lobo?


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Dining Room & Kitchen

Grey Kitchen With Green Tones

Because they are both open areas, the Dining Room and Kitchen share space. The elegance of the interior design project is thoroughly embraced in these two spaces.

Grey Kitchen Island

With black elements and subtle lighting tones, these spaces are attractive and stylish while being entirely functional. The marble dining room brings a natural touch to every area, balancing the modern and cosmopolitan style.

Brown Dining Room

This area appears to be extremely neutral in terms of color, with cream, black, and white, but each piece is individual in terms of design, with influences from all around the world. The dining room and kitchen are two distinct spaces that come together to form a beautiful and functional one.


Golden-Detailed Dining Room Design Inspirations

Master Bedroom

Master Bedroom With Dark Tones

The master bedroom is one of the most personal areas in the house, where the client’s tastes and personality can be completely appreciated.
The bed is the focal point of every bedroom; it is basic and stands out from the other elements in this interior design. From the artist’s wall light, which lends mystery to the atmosphere, to the futuristic chandelier, each component is unique and gives dimension to the project.


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