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Bvlgari Hotel Milano : The Epitome Of Luxury

Bvlgari Hotel Milano : The Epitome Of Luxury

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Bvlgari Hotel Milano has always distinguished by a superior service crafted with the same attention to quality, unique locations in harmony with the surrounding areas. These are the distinguishing features of the Bvlgari Hotel Milano by Antonio Citterio Patricia Viel architecture firm. The design of the interiors is strongly based in the traditions of the place, and meticulous attention is made to every detail in a tribute to perfect luxury in all of the hotels.

Bvlgari Hotel Entryway

Lounge Hotel Bvlgari

The Bvlgari Hotel Milano, housed in an 18th-century building, will make you feel completely at home in the center of Milan. It’s impossible to resist the allure of the perfect environment. The welcoming personnel will make you feel as if you are visiting a luxurious private property. All of the rooms and suites are exquisitely designed, with clean lines and luxury accents.

Bedroom Hotel Bvlgari

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Bedroom Bvlgari Hotel

The Bvlgari Hotel Milano embodies Bvlgari’s distinctive, bold Italian flair, which is evident in its unique design, contemporary Italian cuisine, and opulent spas. It encapsulates the Bvlgari brand’s excitement, timeless glamour, and superb Italian jewelry tradition. The hotel is located in the middle of the city’s business and cultural districts, next to the Botanical Garden, which acts as a complement to the hotel’s 4,000 square meter private garden. The interiors are decorated with high-end materials such as Zimbabwean Black Marble, Vicenza Stone, and AfyonWhite Marble, Teak Wood, and Oak. These and other precious materials combine to create distinct textures and chromatic harmonies, with a slight balance of the design’s spatial rigor and the natural beauty of the materials.

Bathroom Hotel Bvlgari

Spa Hotel Bvlgari

The Bvlgari Hotel Milan has three room types: superior, deluxe, and premium, as well as five suite types: junior suite, superior suite, deluxe suite, premium suite, and the Bvlgari Suite. Each one has its own costume designs and décor themes; the selection is vast, and the challenge is deciding which room or suite is perfect for a charming and memorable visit. The Superior Rooms have light oak paneling with a cream-colored theme, comfy king-size beds, and Italian-made embellishments. The Deluxe Rooms have a huge walk-in closet and come in two varieties:  with a luxurious king-size bed or two queen-size beds, These rooms offer a breathtaking view of the lovely garden or the elegant Milanese courtyard. Premium accommodations are larger than Superior and Deluxe rooms, although they all enjoy the same spectacular view.

Dining Room Hotel Bvlgari

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Spa- wimming Pool Hotel Bvlgari

B&B module libraries showcasing a rare collection of design and art books, new unique pieces of furniture from Antonio Citterio’s Flexform and Maxalto collections, custom drapes and headboards displaying the Bvlgari eight points star motif by Enzo degli Angiuoni, and plush carpets by Altai are among the features of the Bvlgari Hotel Milano Suite’s new timeless and contemporary design, curated by architect Flaviano Capriotti. The Bvlgari Suite is decorated with framed photographs of renowned Milanese locales by artist Irene Kung and a 1960s ceiling light chandelier in Murano glass by Archimede Seguso, giving it a feeling of place.

Living Room Hotel Bvlgari

Garden Hotel Bvlgari


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