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Schneider Designers is a successful and design focused practice of architects and interior designers based in London. They have a diverse range of skills and abilities with a proven record in cultural, leisure, offices, transport infrastructure, retail, hotels, residential and masterplanning projects.

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Schneider Designers’ approach is to abandon predetermined assumptions and look at the influential factors afresh. By listening to their clients and looking at aspects of social, economic and environmental dimensions, they aim to galvanize a common vision.

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In view of the ever developing contemporary demands, Schneider Designers visions architecture as a creative response to the site, the use of the building and the surroundings. They create each building as a combination of answers rather than a definitive object. Their mission is therefore to create innovative buildings and spaces in a complete way, where the interiors, the design, the surroundings and the site fit together in balance and harmony.

For them, all projects are created by a concept, a style and the use of the building. They integrate interior design as part of their services in order to create innovative buildings both outside and inside. Their Director also provides individual interior design services for large projects and firms, such as hotel chains, private mansions, country houses and art galleries.

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Schneider Designers Art Department specializes in Contemporary Art and aims to integrate the use of works of art as part of the interior and landscape design proposals. Whether represented directly or outsorced from major art fairs and galleries, their Art Department brings together a wide variety of artists to complement the final design of their projects.



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Their aim is to provide tcnically simple solutions to complex problems. They proactively drive sustainable solutions within their proposals with the assistance of  ahighly experienced and sustainability focused team. Engineering solutions must match the budget, client’s aspirations and must ensure a robust, maintainable scheme, which their team has the expertise and experience to deliver.

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