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Best Interior Designers: Global Inspiration Design

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Global Inspirations Design is an interior design studio owned and run by Simone Aïda Baur. The name derives from Simone’s international background and her experience of living in many countries, which she successfully integrates into her design concepts.

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She helps her clients with design, colour and lighting concepts, space planning, kitchen and bathroom refurbishments and she also sources furniture, lighting and fabrics. Her services are customized to each client’s individual needs and range from hourly Interior Design coaching sessions, which help clients find clarity and serve as guidance on how to approach a project, to full-service interior design services all the way through implementation.

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Her goal is to design boutique hotels, restaurants and bars on an international basis, so that she can marry her knowledge and experience from her first career in the luxury hotel industry with her expertise and passion for interior design.

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She describes her style as ‘modern contemporary with a touch of nostalgia’. She loves mixing styles creating a harmonious overall concept, whilst always keeping the client’s personality in mind. With the help of many questions and her intuitive nature, she successfully manages to explore the client’s true needs and visions.

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Global Inspirations Design also organises workshops and writes an award winning blog about all things design.

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“Inspiration is all around us as long as you keep your eyes and mind open: Having lived in 7 countries on 3 continents and travelled the world, I got an abundance of inspiration to last me a lifetime. This inspiration may derive from plunging into the Caribbean Sea, hiking through the Amazonian rainforest, strolling through a Moroccan souk or exploring a Roman ruin, though it may also be a client’s treasured piece of art that will ignite my creativity. The source of inspiration is infinite and I usually get my best ideas whilst doing yoga, jogging or simply relaxing. Of course I also actively seek inspiration at design shows and learning about new trends and materials.”

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