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A bar below a historical vault: One of the five best worldwide!


With around 550 employees from 23 countries and eight operative integrated design companies in 2015, ATP is one of Europe’s largest architecture- and engineering companies. ATP architects engineers (ATP) is specialized in integrated design. The office has had an interdisciplinary design culture since 1976 and is active in the areas of architecture, interior design, structural engineering, mechanical and electrical engineering. The focus of its activities is integrated design for the retail and industrial sectors as well as for the real estate, leisure, tourism and health sectors. Further areas of business include process planning for the food industry, real estate development consulting, research and certification in the area of sustainability, research in the areas of architecture and integrated design (such as the following project we will talk) and integrated it solutions for design and business processes.


Erlkonig Bar, it was one of the projects that earned them a recognized award in ”World Interiors News Awards 2013”. The task for the designers was to revitalize an empty shop and use the space to create a bar which is open all day. The bar was successfully integrated into the historical fabric in such a way that only minimum adaptation of the existing structure was required. The basic idea was to use the haptic qualities of such existing features of the space as the vaults, old walls and floors as part of the visitor experience. These were merely newly painted and adorned with a fresco by the artist Jan Davidoff. Their texture and charisma are retained. A sophisticated lighting concept combines with the new interior elements from regional nutwood and the fine new textiles and surfaces to establish a range of contrasting lighting atmospheres for different times of the day and night. The effect of textures, colors and spatial geometries is intensified, creating an almost “sacred” flair. The stones from the surrounding mountains which are built into the old cellar walls are left untouched apart from a coat of paint in the shade of “hunting-green”. Upon descending to the basement the visitor enters a mystical low-light atmosphere.

A bar below a historical vault One of the five best worldwide!_3

A bar below a historical vault One of the five best worldwide!_4

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A bar below a historical vault One of the five best worldwide!_5

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