Lázaro Rosa- Violán “Brand I touch, Brand that grows”-24
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Lázaro Rosa- Violán: “Brand I touch, Brand that grows”


Lázaro Rosa- Violán “Brand I touch, Brand that grows”-23He is a fashionable interior designer. Signs some of the most interesting decoration projects in Spain. Everything that Lázaro Rosa-Violán touches, it ends up being tendency. He is the author of the “Only You” hotel (Madrid), restaurants like Martinete (Madrid), Chez Cocó (Barcelona), Ibérica ondon, shop from Inditex (Oysho, Pull & Bear, Lefties), and some Aristocracy jewelries among others.

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Rosa-Violán appears in his 650 square meters studio, escorted by Bosco, his Weimaraner, loyal friend, who shares with him his working hours and ends up being one more in the team of 59 people. He says that he’s living a sweet moment, and cannot complain. 90% of his job, right now is carried out of Spain and he has opened a decoration studio in New York. “It is necessary due to the amount of work we have now there”. He lives in Barcelona and Manhattan, where everything that is not fashionable must close. He doesn’t follow tendencies, despite not being insensible to what surrounds him. “Nowadays is important that the spaces transmit something”. Moreover, he affirms that no business has failed with his projects.

He studied fine arts, but soon he realized that he posses a great capacity to conceive interiors. His first task was the design of a restaurant in Ibiza. In 2003 Contemporain Studio was created, with the premise that well executed bars and restaurant were missing, this is, those in which the illumination, the environment and the food work well together to achieve coherence.

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Rosa-Violán works in a wide and complex space with high ceilings and an overgrown apple patio where soon there will be a greenhouse. He confesses that he doesn’t have a fixed working area, neither a worktable: he stays here and there always accompanied by a laptop that contains a file with everything that inspires him. “ I take pictures of everything I like and pin it in the computer so everyone working with me can see it”. Because, the team is the key, “I have the ability to invent spaces, making them elegant, eclectic and timeless, but afterwards they must be materialized, and that is carried out by the people that work with me.”