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Best Interior Designers, Europe

The 25 Best Interior Designers of Moscow

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Considered by many as the Design Capital of Eastern Europe, Moscow is indeed a beacon of quality and promise of today’s Design Industry. In fact, Moscow and Russia’s recent Design History is indeed extraordinary with many Top Interior DesignersArchitects and Product Designers entering the Design World and showcasing amazing techniques and incredible projects! Today, Moscow is, in fact, one of the best places to find the most spectacular representations of Modern and Contemporary Design, but also some of the world’s leading examples of luxury projects!

A + A

Highly qualified architectural studio operating on the Russian market for over 25 years. During this time, the studio has completed more than 200 works, including private and public interiors, residential, office buildings, restaurants, etc., many of which have been published by leading professional publications on architecture and design. Keeping the traditional “family” approach to the customer, it meets the most modern requirements for quality and design time.


ADD BURO by Inna Zaviyalova

An interior design studio based in Moscow.

Alan Rundstedt Design

“Design and architectural projects in Russia, France, Italy, United Arab Emirates, more than 25 years in the market and more than 5 years of work abroad, a large number of design works completed around the world, we have got large portfolio you can view right now. If you wish to watch our other design projects, we can send you on your request.”


Alexander Kozlov Interiors

Alexander Kozlov Interiors is an interior design company based in Moscow.

luxxu moscow house


Alina Tsaunya

The 25 Best Interior Designers of Moscow

As you browse through Alina‘s projects you’ll come across a beautiful flow of calm, neutral shades. Her designs, on the other hand, aren’t as neutral. In fact, they capture the eye like it’s nobody’s business. A clear fan of marble, soft shapes and strategic lighting, Alina‘s interior decor is minimalism with a bang if we’ve ever seen it.

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ALTERCASA is regarded as one of the best interior design studios in Russia, thanks to the studio’s multiple high-quality services in architecture, interior design and project managing. The design studio has created several inspiring projects not only in Russia but also in France and the UK.


Alter Ego Interiors Group Russia

For 20 years, Alter Ego Interiors Group has been providing direct supplies of furniture, light, accessories, finishing materials, sanitary ware from leading brands in Italy, Germany, Spain, France, Austria, Denmark, Holland, and Great Britain. Many years of experience allows us to guarantee our clients an exceptional level of service: a wide range of both in stock and to order, services of Russian and Italian designers and architects, professional advice, an individual approach, competitive prices, a flexible system of discounts, delivery to any regions of Russia and beyond.



“We will find an individual approach to each Customer, we will do everything to make the work on the project easy and enjoyable. Our main achievement can be considered a long-term friendship with regular customers, the ability to develop style and color preferences for all residents of the house. We are the ones whose work is recommended by friends.”



Angelika Prudnikova Studio Design

Elite interior design of a house and an apartment from Studio Anzhelika Prudnikova (rebranding “Antonovich Design”). Design of yachts, hotels and restaurants


Anna Sakharova

The 25 Best Interior Designers of Moscow

Anna Sakharova is a well-known, successful designer within the Russian industry and in one of her most recent projects, she delivered a refined and luxurious interior for a client.


Architectural Design Studio of Oleg Klodt

Oleg Klodt Architecture & Design is an international award-winning architectural and design studio based in Moscow. In 2017, the bureau moved to a three-story building in an office complex on the banks of the Yauza.




The design studio was founded in 1999 and is centered around restaurant, hotel and bar projects, as well as apartments, cottages and homes, with over 300 projects around the world.


Essential HomeDelightfullRugSocietyBrabbuCaffe Latte


Balcon Studio

The 25 Best Interior Designers of Moscow

Balcon Design Studio is composed of a creative team that has united experienced designers, architects, artists and other qualified specialists with one goal – to create an individual image of your interior and
bring it to life. The top interior designers offer a wide range of services in the field of interior design: from professional advice to complex design and implementation.




The 25 Best Interior Designers of Moscow

Beindesign‘s team of professionals offers a range of services that, thanks to a creative approach, can transform your home, apartment or office into a comfortable functional space that you have always dreamed of.


Bodes Studio

The 25 Best Interior Designers of Moscow

Bodes Studio is a team of young and ambitious designers who are in love with their work. Each project is special for the top interior designers because there are no identical wishes of customers and ideas about the ideal home. Therefore, they have an individual approach to everyone. In interiors, they value not only the innovation of details and a beautiful picture but also the comfort that gives the feeling of home.




The 25 Best Interior Designers of Moscow

These top interior designers have been working in the field of design and architecture for over ten years, and during this time the architectural group “BOROSA” has managed to accumulate impressive experience in project implementation, earn the trust of customers, deal with all the intricacies of design, including the smallest details.



Refinement of luxury or simplicity of minimalism, elegant classics or modernist innovations. The perfect combination of color and shape in any style. All you need is a desire, the rest will be taken care of by the Calypso Italian furniture salon.


Ciliegio Interior

The 25 Best Interior Designers of Moscow

Based in Russia, Ciliegio Interior is an amazing design company with a portfolio filled with stunning interior design projects where luxury seems to be the only rule they follow, as the talented team defends each project is unique in its own way.


City Architecture

СITY architecture & design company is a full range of services: from the creation of a design project to its full implementation. We create unique organic spaces based on exclusive design projects. Thanks to our own construction company, we have 15 years of experience. The company follows European standards and chooses only premium materials and the latest technologies for the implementation of copyright projects.


Covet HouseBoca do LoboLuxxuMaison ValentinaPullCastCircu


Domoff Interiors

The 25 Best Interior Designers of Moscow

Domoff Interiors is a design studio specializing in exclusive, one-piece projects. The top interior designers create designs for residential interiors, this is a special and important page of their portfolio. Another aspect of their activity is the creation of architectural objects, from a 3D model to handing over the key to your hands.


Dom-A Casa Ricca

The 25 Best Interior Designers of Moscow

From classic to modern, from eclectic to the most outrageous, the team of Dom-A Casa Ricca composed by the talented Maria Silver and Sergey Makushev is here to keep up with the modern times of interior design in the most clever ways while maintaining the luxury and simple upbringing in their interior design projects. Providing a guided journey in all ranges of architecture and interior design, from penthouses to cottages and hotels, Dom-A are one of the Top Russian Design Studios!



Domania Interiors

Kitchens, furniture, plumbing and lighting from Italy and other European countries. 


Donskova Design

Russia is starting to become one of the world’s beacons for interior design. Several talented interior designers and architects have chosen to set their camps in the mighty country. The history, tradition and classical architecture keep inspiring young designers. Anna Donskova is just another example of design excellence in Russia.


DS Cillegio

“We offer architectural and planning solutions (APR) – this is a functional zoning of space, taking into account your wishes and technical standards.”



“Before making your dream come true, we will carefully study each room and its features – lighting, ceiling height, ease of communications, compliance with climatic conditions.”




The largest chain of lighting stores with the widest choice of lamps in the country.


Geometrix Design

“Geometrix Design is us, Helen and Michael – two designers passionately in love with their work. For more than thirteen years we have been developing interiors, and for 8 years we have been doing this together.”



Glazov Design Group

The conceptual interior design studio Glazov Design Group has been operating since 2008. The studio bears the family name: the founder Anna Glazova is the chief designer and creative inspirer of the project. To date, the portfolio of Glazov Design Group includes dozens of successfully completed projects in the Krasnodar Territory, the Southern Federal District and Moscow.


 Innaa Zorskaya

Innaa Zorskaya‘s bureau has existed for over ten years. During this time, the top interior designer has managed to create several dozen architectural projects and about a hundred unique interiors that reflected the aspirations and life goals of their owners. In order to create a project, be it a shopping centre project or a comfortable interior of a small apartment, you need to be more than just a specialist in architecture and design, you also need to have knowledge of psychology in order to understand your client correctly.


 Interer Architects

The 25 Best Interior Designers of Moscow

Alexey Klopov and Andrey Momot, the top interior designers behind Interer Architects, started it as a student project, taking their first steps with design and architectural projects. In 2014 Interer Architects started working as a company and started growing and putting together a team.



Project management of country houses, apartments, luxury hotel rooms, restaurants. From drawings to the implementation and delivery of the finished object.


Lashmanova Design

The 25 Best Interior Designers of Moscow

Meet Katerina Lashmanova, one of Russia’s top interior designers today! This young and massively talented interior design features an amazing professional journey throughout her years within this industry. With a breathtaking and extremely luxurious style, she establishes the most incredible interiors, that are able to impress every interior design aficionado.


La Casa | Sino United International Ltd

La Casa is not just a place where samples of incredibly beautiful furniture from Italy are collected, and it is not just a company that sells Italian furniture at reasonable prices. This is, first of all, our team. We are all, first of all, people who have united for one purpose – to help you make your homes more comfortable and beautiful. In our salons you will be met by professional consultant managers who are ready to advise and help you in all the variety of Italian furniture. Our main principle of work is the acceptance and embodiment of your individuality in the interior; understanding that home and family are the most important value. Truly unique furniture for unique people!


Lesya Pechenkina

The 25 Best Interior Designers of Moscow

Lesya Pechenkina is the top interior designer behind Simple Interiors! Simple is a reflection of brevity, individual style and high service. Simple Interiors think that this is the norm of life, the only thing you’ll need to live easily, comfortably and beautifully.


Life Architecture

For over 10 years our studio has specialized in architectural and engineering design, interior design of residential and public spaces, decor, supply of furniture, administering construction and renovation works of any complexity. We are happy to offer a full range of design services: from developing an architectural concept to full object design, implementing complex projects through artistic and technical supervision over the execution of works at all stages of construction.


Luxury Design American Interiors


The LUXURY DESIGN company   represents the products of famous furniture brands , manufacturers of accessories and lighting from America. A distinctive feature of the LUXURY DESIGN company is a close-knit team of like-minded people and partners – the owners of this company have been dealing with American furniture and interior items for more than 10 years. The cozy furniture showroom LUXURY DESIGN, located in the center of Moscow, presents the best examples of American style, from items in the classic colonial style to the popular Art Deco today, familiar to many from Hollywood films and glossy magazines. Over a cup of aromatic coffee, you can discuss all the details of your future home or apartment.

Katerina Goodwill

The 25 Best Interior Designers of Moscow

Katerina Goodwill, a top and highly promising Russian Interior Designer that is conquering a strong space within the Russian Interior Design Industry with her own Design Studio: The Goodwill Design Studio. As one of the most promising Russian Designers in today’s Russian Design Industry, Katerina has a lot of projects on her design agenda! In fact, she considers that her strong workload is a strong challenge but one that she loves to have.



Katya Fedorchenko Architectural Bureau

Decorator Ekaterina Fedorchenko has been designing interiors since 1998. Her portfolio includes more than 100 completed projects: apartments, country estates, penthouses, representative offices. Ekaterina graduated from the French department of the Linguistic University. Maurice Torez and received an MBA from RANEPA.


Kirill Istomin Inc.

Russian designer Kirill Istomin is considered a real celebrity of the design field in Russia and one of the most accomplished designers in his country and beyond. Having founded his own design firm – “Kirill Istomin Interior Design and Decoration” – in 2002 with offices in New York and Moscow, his successful creations have been on everyone’s lips since then.


Korneev Design Workshop

This interior design studio brings modern with contemporary filled with touches of art and luxury to every project.


Magia Luce

Consultations and selection of decorative lamps for any type of premises.



Maria Borovskaya

The 25 Best Interior Designers of Moscow

Meet Maria Borovskaya, a top Russian interior designer that has been delivering us the most amazing interior settings you’ll ever get to admire! Her luxurious interiors are meant to impress every interior design aficionado, that lives for the exquisite lifestyle.

Maria Rubleva

The 25 Best Interior Designers of Moscow

Rubleva Design is a highly qualified team of specialists who create stylish and functional interiors of an individual format. Each project is filled with the soul and atmosphere of the customer. Rubleva Design’s clients are successful people who value their time and prefer to work, spend time with their family and implement their business. Maria, together with her team, works in order to take over all the routine worries and to remove all questions regarding the repair work from the customer. By the time the object is delivered, the space is already stylish and comfortable and does not need additional furnishings. A whole team of specialists works on each project, consisting of architects, designers, visualizers, pickers and project managers.


MG Mobili Interiors

“Just imagine: a cozy quiet center, a historic place in the capital, the Moskva River embankment, the majestic architecture of the Stalinist era, the latest furniture collections in a spacious interior, personal parking, aromatic coffee, pleasant staff, ready to make any of your ideas come true! Agree, if right now you are choosing a company that you can entrust the most intimate and precious – your home, your dream of living in a unique environment, where literally every detail is made exclusively for you, then the offer to do it with MGMobili, perhaps looks the most optimal!”



She has worked as an artist and decorative art designer from 1992 to 1996. Since 1996 she has only been professionally interested in architecture and interior design.



Today with us you will find very favorable conditions for the acquisition of truly high-quality foreign furniture and the lowest prices in Moscow. But more than 12 years have passed since we have been supplying furniture from Italy, France, Spain, USA and Great Britain for retail and wholesale customers.

MMZ Project

MMZ Project architectural bureau and Interior Design by Maria Zhukova, an acclaimed designer in Moscow.



Mobili Art | Emmedi | ZAO ALLADIM

Mobile Art has been on the market for 20 years. During this time, we have established friendly relations with Italian factories, which allow us to offer favorable prices for the purchase of furniture.


Oksana Salberg

The 25 Best Interior Designers of Moscow

Oksana Salberg – Vachnadze is one of the most well-known Russian interior designers! In 2003 she started her degree in the Stroganov Moscow State University of Industrial and Applied Arts, which she ended six years later. From that moment she began her professional career as an interior designer. In 2005 the interior designer founded her own design studio in Moscow that we know as O2 Design! Nowadays, she has done more than 15 residential projects in many cities, like Moscow, St. Petersburg and Nigniy Novgorod!


Olga Kulikovskaia-Ashby

Olga Kulikovskaia-Ashby established ‘Olga Kulikovskaia design and decor’ in 2009 to provide clients with a creative and professional interior design service.


ON Design

The 25 Best Interior Designers of Moscow

Natalia Ozerova is the founder and head of ON Design studio. For over 7 years the top interior designer has been working on creating interiors that become the most comfortable homes for her clients. The ideal interior is a space that combines functionality, aesthetics and relevance.



We have been decorating windows, doors and arches for over ten years. Long years of work have allowed us to choose the best fabrics and models for the cosiness and comfort of your home. Experienced designers-decorators will offer you author’s projects of textile interior, will help you in choosing curtain rods and fabrics, in developing curtain models, as well as in individual selection of accessories suitable for your apartment, home or office.



Polina Pidtsan was born in Saint Petersburg. She has been designing interiors since 2008, working mostly in Moscow and Saint Petersburg and creating interiors for private apartments and country houses.


Pullcast Moscow

PullCast embodies an innovative jewelry concept approach in the world of furniture fittings. We invite you on a journey through our handcrafted art, complemented by the constant interplay of various elements, materials and forms, striving for the highest perfection. Discover sophistication and majestic art reflected in the form of our jewelry equipment. 


Red Robot Design

The 25 Best Interior Designers of Moscow

Red Robot Design has designed, renovated and decorated 49 apartments, fully furnished 2 large country houses, developed 12 interiors for residential complexes. The top interior designers are known for their work efficiently and timely fashion. They take full responsibility for all stages of the project, manage all processes ourselves, communicate and control employees, suppliers and contractors.


Richmond Home

The company is the official dealer of a number of world manufacturers of furniture and accessories, which are rightfully recognized leaders in the industry: DURESTA UPHOLSTERY, VITRA, LEXINGTON, FFDM, UTTERMOST, TONON, TREO CUCINE, OIKOS, NAPOL and many others.

Roman Plyus

The 25 Best Interior Designers of Moscow

Roman Plyus is based in Moscow, Russia and has been working as an interior architect since 2014. The top interior designer has been the name on everyone’s lips, especially due to his restaurant design in Budapest.


Room Interiors

ROOM interiors is a premium class interior salon that supplies elite Italian furniture and interior items, textiles and accessories. ROOM interiors is the official dealer of the best Italian brands. This guarantees our customers the quality and reliability of real Italian furniture, the professionalism of the staff trained in factories.

Rubleva Designs

“In our projects, nothing happens just like that, if this is a decorative solution, then it necessarily carries a semantic load”



 Quadro Room

The 25 Best Interior Designers of Moscow

Quadro Room‘s team includes professionals who are inspired by their own attitude and lifestyle of their customers, so each project has unique features of its owner and creator, working in a successful alliance.



Since its incorporation in 2007, SIOCREATION has been inspiring their customers through the work they do in Moscow, CIS countries and the European Union.


Studia 54

The 25 Best Interior Designers of Moscow

Studia 54 is a force to be reckoned with in the interior design world, and particularly in the Russian design scene. The top interior designers work to be the best international design and architecture studio. Having gathered the best specialists in their team, Studia 54 embodies your dreams in its unique style.


Studia Sveta Svetoprestizh

The studio of interior lighting “Svetoprestizh” is well known among professionals and connoisseurs of high-quality luxury lighting. Regular customers have long appreciated the competent and efficient work of the company. Over 17 years of work in the Novosibirsk market, the Svetoprestige studio has shown itself as a reliable partner and has been able to establish itself as an official distributor of reputable factories in Germany, Italy, Belgium, and Spain.





The Studio-Line company is known as a supplier of collection furniture, sanitary ware, ceramic tiles. In our salons, furniture and stylish accessories have already been selected for each other and placed in the author’s interiors. Along with the elite series of ceramic tiles and exclusive sanitary ware products, we offer relatively inexpensive, but at the same time high-quality and beautiful models of sanitary ware, furniture, including for the bathroom, and ceramic tiles.


Tatyana Myronova

The 25 Best Interior Designers of Moscow

Famous for her exquisite luxury interiors in the very powerful American Neoclassical Style, Tatyana Myronova reflects that design on each project, mixing it with a reflection of the outstanding personality of the space’s owner. With an extensive portfolio of exquisite design projects, the top interior designer continues to be an inspiration and a sounding name in the world of Russian Interior Design.


Timur Mitin

The 25 Best Interior Designers of Moscow

Timur Mitin is a Moscow-based digital artist working with abstract 3D shapes. His series titled “Alpha|Beta|Omega” is a whimsical combination of seemingly familiar objects hung inside the obscure space that immediately lose their materiality when examined in details. A soft pastel colour palette sets the mood of the artworks featuring elements reminiscent of wood, brass or marble. None of them can be easily defined as Mitin blurs the boundaries between the imaginary and the real.



Transforma is a studio, which specializes in the design of public and private spaces. During the past ten years our specialists have realized an impressive number of projects such as large shopping centers, offices, restaurants, hotels, showrooms, etc.

Vasherin Company | UnderIt Interiors

We work in the market of lighting equipment, furniture, textiles, accessories and electrical installation products. We complete turnkey objects.

Victoria Vlasova Interiors

“We are happy to make your home so that you enjoy life in comfort and well-being every day. Our experience allows us to work with the most extraordinary spaces. We are happy to design interiors of multi-level lofts and apartments with complex geometry, interiors of country houses, cottages and townhouses.”


Vitta Group

VITTA-GROUP is an architectural and design studio with 10 years of experience and international recognition. Founded in 2007 by architect-designer Elena Ponomarenko. Recognizable style, bold technological solutions have long become the hallmark of the studio.


White House Concept Store

The ability to combine textures in the interior is a sign of skill and good taste.
This is especially true in textiles and we are trying to replenish the assortment of fabrics according to this principle.


Yudina Design

The 25 Best Interior Designers of Moscow

design project should reflect whom we are, and Anna Yudina is ready to hear her clients’ nees and wishes, in order to create a stunning project that has the right balance between aesthetics and functionality. Anna Yudina is the founder of the amazing Russian Design Company – Yudina Design – located in Moscow. She has more several years of experience in the field of interior design, and she’s ready to create the residential design project of your dreams!


310 Tridesyatoe

The company constantly implements joint projects with both world-class artists and young gifted craftsmen (from France, Italy, Mexico, Russia, US), whose talented works harmoniously complement our design projects.


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