Carl Lana – Explaining the Design Process
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Carl Lana – Explaining the Design Process

I look to the past for inspiration with each new project.  Over our 20 years working in New York, my partner Randall Beale and I have referenced many periods.  The locale, the people, and the culture lead to visual interpretation.  I’m also a strong believer in the pursuit of fantasy.  We like to create rooms that become a personal refuge for our clients while endeavoring to be elegant, innovative, and slightly edgy all in the same space.

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I personally believe the primary tenet of great design is evolution.  It must live and grow over time, not remaining stagnant.  While history and classicism are always key, Randall and I abide by the dictum “Everything was modern once.”  Cultures evolve year to year, with new decades bringing new vitality to the mundane.  The things we choose to live with in our homes are reflections of our personalities – so we invest time interpreting our clients psyches to uncover their desires and needs.

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I like to take inspiration from historic places like Villa Vizcaya, built for John Deering, or one of my favorite places like Villa Grecque Kerylos, the homage to ancient Greek culture.  That said I endeavor to meet the challenge of interpreting such places without replicating them.  Rooms that are at once historically informed and modern are classic and timeless.

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We utilize time-honored, traditional craftsmanship for each project as an integral part of our design philosophy.  We believe in providing one of a kind furnishings wherever possible.  That’s the true definition of luxe.

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Because design evolves, I like to revisit my ideologies with regard to it.  Today my aesthetic is informed by the emerging art scene, performance art, classical and modern dance, and youth culture.  Deriving inspiration from all of these things, then tailoring it to a clients needs in bold and stylish ways, is the way for design to flourish.

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