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Best Interior Designers

Best Interior Designers in Los Angeles | Jana Rosenblatt

With over twenty years of experience designing for the film and television industry and an overlapping 12 years in Interior Design, Jana Rosenblatt is a talented and creative collaborator. She is an accomplished visual artist and interior decorator. Her passion is applying her unique talents to homes and workplaces. Her mission is to inspire creativity! Supporting her clients’ needs while developing a design scheme that will stand the test of time and fulfilling her clients goals for their spaces while nurturing their vision for their lives.”




As a cancer survivor for over a decade, Jana does not take life for granted. She is inspired to guide her clients as they surround themselves with an environment to celebrate both their current success and their future potential.

Known for her dynamic style, Jana works with her clients to create timeless and inspiring environments. Currently based out of Los Angeles, but born and raised in Boston, Jana’s aesthetic is influenced by the sunshine, colors and materials of the multi-cultural West Coast. Jana can create fabulous and functional primary residences and vacation homes for her clients all around the world. “We love to work anywhere our clients take us!”




With an MFA in Design for Stage and Screen from New York University, following a BFA from Boston University and Carnegie-Mellon University, Jana applied her multiple talents to an award winning career as a production and costume designer and interior decorator for the entertainment industry. Jana’s background has made her a natural for the HGTV network. She has won “Designers Challenge”, participated in episodes of “Design for the Sexes”, and consulted and illustrated images for many other shows.




In the design process, Jana is known for her excellent communication skills, thoughtful adherence to time and budget management and precision detail orientation. Jana Design Interiors (JDI) outcomes are tailor-made for you, your family and/or your company. In collaboration with a well-honed team of builders, sub-contractors and vendors, Jana has developed a shorthand communication to ease the continuously evolving implementation of your interior design plan.