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Best interior designers – Juliana Rotmeyer

Juliana is the owner and principal architect at JAR Design, a company that specializes in renovations of both residential and commercial properties in Hong Kong.  She started her career in New York City over 10 years ago, working for top architectural firms. After that, she taught fundamental architectural design in South Korea for two years, which led her to pursue a Doctorate in Architecture at the University of Hong Kong. Subsequently, she launched her own design firm, JAR Design.

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Manhattan’s lofts, SoHo district, art culture and travels to nearly 30 countries influenced greatly Juliana Rotmeyer’s style. Juliana says that Carlos Scarpa also inspires her. She visited several of his projects while studying Architecture in Italy and she really like his use of spatial composition, material and detail remain. Old and new, modern and rustic and a touch of Southeast Asia with contemporary compose her design aesthetic.

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She likes collect beautiful objects and she has a special eye for colors. So, Dr. Rotmeyer’s design principle is to unite personal expression with comfort and functionality. In an interview with Juliana, she says that every client is different, with different needs and very different spaces. So, she really enjoys the evolution of each project and the challenge of creating new innovative places that are specific to each client. Moreover, she loves going to a new project and start to visualize the possibilities for transformation.

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For her it is very important the client satisfaction. She only works on clients referrals by word-of-mouth. She seeks to know customer needs and try to offer them spaces that they won’t want to leave. Most of her clients are looking for innovative efficient use of space and this is a key element of spatial planning in the design phase. She tries to give each client an optimal use of space which could mean completely gutting the existing space and relocating the rooms.