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Best Interior Designer * Hashem Interiors

Hashem Interiors is a full service Design/Build firm based in Riyadh-Saudi Arabia.

Since 2004 they are providing architecture&interior design&implementation in addition to the projects management services of residential and commercial for both new construction & remodel projects.Best Interior Designer * Hashem Interiors.jpgThey focus on creating stylistically individual, one of a kind, highly detailed, finely crafted, uniquely balanced projects.Best Interior Designer * Hashem Interiors.jpgWith over 11 years of professional practice, they have completed numerous projects including Private residences, Villas, Palaces, Hotels, Boutiques, Restaurants, Clubs, Arcades and Lobbies. in locations ranging from Dubai-UAE, Damascus-Syria, Doha-Qatar To Riyadh-KSA.

See also: Best Interior Designer * MZA DesignBest Interior Designer * Hashem Interiors.jpgOne of the most added values for “Hashem Interiors” projects is that all the design & construction services including concept and detailed design, BOQ & specs. are being conducted under one roof through a professional holistic design & construction progress.

See also: Best Interior Designers * FIARIBest Interior Designer * Hashem Interiors.jpgEvery design project begins with an in-office consultation at a time that is convenient for you.Best Interior Designer * Hashem Interiors.jpgDuring this meeting, they will discuss your interior design needs, the style and character of your project, your design tastes, and your likes and dislikes.They will also prepare photos of interior spaces for you to peruse, This will help them further evaluate your taste in style, color, furniture, and accessories.Best Interior Designer * Hashem Interiors.jpgThey will then discuss your budget and the design you may want to pursue as well as how involved you would like them to be in your project.

That makes Hashem Interior one of the best company’s in interior design.