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Best Interior Designers

Best Interior Designer* Gail Arlidge Design

Gail Arlidge Design is an interior design house in business for over 15 years with a strong reputation of good taste, dependability, close attention to details and satisfaction of clients’ needs. We specialize on household relocations for expatriates and returning residents.
Best Interior Designer* Gail Arlidge Design
We service residences from window treatment to soft furnishings for sofas, chairs, tables and general woodwork. The design package could include the sourcing of home accessories and accent pieces of paintings, sculptures, ornaments and artwork of all descriptions.

Best Interior Designer* Gail Arlidge Design
We also undertake full renovation projects that cater to the specific needs of clients.
Our team is ready to work closely with architects and contractors to develop the overall design, concept drawings and project management. Some clients believe in keeping harmony and balances within the home. We can respond by arranging for Fung Shui placements under the advice of professional masters.


The Designer:  Gail Arlidge 

Gail is a seasoned interior designer for over 15 years with numerous projects in Hong Kong, Singapore, New Zealand and the United States. In this span of time, numerous successful projects have been completed to the absolute satisfaction of clients.

Best Interior Designer* Gail Arlidge Design
By background, she is an Australian trained graphic designer and was engaged in international advertising firms. On arrival in Hong Kong, she moved into the furnishing field as an advertising and display consultant for a leading retailer which eventually led to the setting up of her own interior design consultancy.

Best Interior Designer* Gail Arlidge Design

Gail is extremely versatile and likes to combine different elements in her work. An eye for colour and space allows her to instill the best textures and features into architectural details. She has her own unique style yet adaptable to changing demands. Gail is in essence the soul of the company and her design thoughts are clearly expressed in the design philosophy page of this website.

To see more Gail Arlidge’s inspiring projects, visit the website.