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Beautiful and Stylish Dining Room Tables

Beautiful and Stylish Dining Room Tables


We all know that the dining room is the most delightful place to socialize with family and friends. Therefore, Best Interior Designers has selected the best and most beautiful tables to compose your dining room in a beautiful, luxurious and comfortable way.


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One of our inspirations was taken from the Fantastic Beefbar Restaurant in Paris Designed by Humbert & Poyet. The designers brought an elegant, contemporary, and Art Nouveau proposal at the same time. This beautiful table is a good example of this.


Restaurant Table marble


This other table and also designed by Humbert & Poyet is incredibly complemented with these velvet sofa and chairs. Chic and comfortable!


velvet chairs dining table


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Classic, modern and Elegant. This black table with gold details is a charm in any dining room!


dining room white chairs


For a smaller dining room, this table is a charm! Thus, alongside these beautiful and blue-colored armchairs, compound the perfect space.


dining room blue charis


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A handsomely crafted table that makes this dining room look classic and modern at the same time!


dining room velvet cchairs 8 seats


A bubbled gold dining table is always a good choice for an eclectic dining room with a luxurious hanging ceiling light matching the whole set.


dining room brown armchairs


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A gorgeous dining room with a luxurious feel and a marvelous design. This table is simply a piece of art!


dining room


Your guest will have the perfect place to socialize in this dining room. It’s modern, elegant and comfortable! It has amazing classic details.


dining room white armchairs


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Who said that a small dining room is a problem? This table has black and white marble tones that add interest to this social area.


dining room wooden chair glass table


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Beefbar Paris: Inside The Design Project Of Humbert & Poyet


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