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Vivant Parisian Apartment – The Full Charm Of Paris

Vivant Parisian Apartment – The Full Charm Of Paris In This Luxxu Design – A Parisian apartment, inspired by the city of lights. Perfect for night and day, sophisticated and elegant, decorated with timeless pieces across decades, the new LUXXU project exhales the charm and magic of Paris.

Vivant Parisian Apartment: The Full Charm Of Paris In This Luxxu Design




This flawless Vivant Parisian Apartment has been meticulously designed by experts of Les arts décoratifs, by building the décor around a few classics. Starting with the basic pieces like an old herringbone parquet floor, double windows that let in lots of light, or the signature trumeau, the rest of the project evolves with the personality of the merchant art client. A French Woman whose closet flows in the same vein as her Vivant Parisian Apartment: full of influences from art galleries, bookstores, and the bohemian lifestyle.


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The Vivant Parisian Apartment is something resembling an avant-garde sculpture. A collaboration between two major furniture and lighting brands, LUXXU took the lead and invited Boca do Lobo to complete this emerald green and gold affair.

The Entrance Hall Sets The Tone

bright living room paris


An aesthetic that cleverly combines the finest components of classicism with an elegant and refined twist. From the door, we can already see some key pieces like the Nubian Ottoman and the Waterfall Technical Wall Light for that gold touch. Also represented is the Flow Door Hardware from Pullcast.


bright hall mirror paris

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Gala Floor Lamp


candle gold lamp


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The Style Of A Parisian Chic Hallway

entrance living room paris

The focus of Parisian Chic, as a decorative style, is the integration of classic and contemporary styles. The overall tones are relatively muted, starting with herringbone timber floorboards and decorative mosaic tiles as the typical floor elements.

white corridor paris house

The Watefall II Big Wall adds another level of decorative extravagance, and the McQueen III mirror decorates the wall paneling, ornate plaster features. The Scarp Console and Armour Stool, from Luxxu, elaborate and complete the interior design.

door statue white paris

It is a very soft and refined style with a highly stylized aesthetic, requiring considerable effort to make it appear effortless.


Simplicity In The Kitchen

kitchen dining set paris

This kitchen is the most modern room of all. Practical and simple, with high-quality materials that distinguish the design, this room represents the french style way of living.
dining set paris

Designed in a minimalistic way, this area introduces the Explosion Suspension. The Darian Dining Table is surrounded by the Charla II Dining Chair and for the cabinets, none other than the Baruka family from Pullcast could pull off some Japanese references that make this room mystical and beautiful.


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Marvel At A Detailed Living Design

living room 2 up

Attention to detail and subtle finessing are key factors while creating that ultimate elegant look. Creating a focal point, Senzu Sofa adds glamour to this living room, competing with the White grand piano.

Living room paris

sofa chair piano living room paris

The McQueen Round Suspension provides the extra “look” and ultra-feminine touch to the main room of the house. From white marbles to the emerald green custom Empire Set III Center Table, the whole room is tied together with hints of gold present in Luxxu’s lighting and furniture pieceslike the Trump II WallNeedle Wall Lamp, and Empire Column Display.

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An Oasis In Paris

classic sophisticated master room

master bedroom paris

Think about an oasis in the city. This distinctly feminine and elegant bedroom takes memories from trips to the jungle and exotic places from our client’s business trips while embodying all the romance we conjure to mind when we think of Paris.

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Ocadia Armchair

black chair

sofa bed chic bedroom

Senzu chaise long and McQueen family of lights, pendant, and II wall lamp provides the art-inspired glam touch to the room, while the Charla collection of ottoman, bed and the Waltz Valetallude to royals, castles, and palaces.


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Suit Up With The Parisian Style

closet bedroom paris

Parisian Chic is better suited to a traditional or period-style house and is easily incorporated into any room or your entire home. In this project, the designers developed a softer feminine look while using Luxxu’s best seller pieces: the Empire Dressing Tableand the Empire Bench. Luxxu’s new home is the epitome of ´Tres chic, tres bon´.

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