Top Interior Designers - Jordan Carlyle
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Top Interior Designers – Carlyle Designs

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Today, Best Interior Designers would like to talk to you about Carlyle Designs, an interior design firm from NYC that masters the blend of traditional and modern in an unparalleled way. This studio is led by Jordan Carlyle, the creative mind of this company that usually leans towards a distinctive luxury aesthetic on his projects – with great results! If you don’t believe us, keep scrolling and have a look at some mesmerizing creations by Carlyle Designs.


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It’s through an eclectic mix of elegant, clean lines and sleek, monochrome schemes with pops of rich colorbespoke bronze and gold detailing mixed with antique pieces, that Carlyle interweaves old and new world for a decidedly modern finish. He has completed projects in New York CityLos AngelesWashington D. C., the HamptonsLong Island and Miami, among others.


Top Interior Designers - Jordan Carlyle


Working for both international commercial and residential projects, it’s impossible not to notice the firm’s potential when it comes to creating living spaces that are functional and beautiful in equal doses. It’s not about the space itself, it’s about the atmosphere – we can all agree on that! Jordan Carlyle makes it seductive, adventurous and inspiring!



Top Interior Designers - Jordan Carlyle

Top Interior Designers - Jordan Carlyle


Jordan Carlyle also formed Carlyle Collective, a curated furniture line featuring his own designs as well as other designers’ work – you can check it here and make sure you also visit Carlyle Design’s website here. Feel free to be inspired!


Top Interior Designers - Jordan Carlyle




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