6 Emerging Interior Designers From Eastern Europe
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6 Bright Interior Designers From Eastern Europe

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Best Interior Designers decided to start the week on Eastern Europe with a showcase of 6 Amazing & Bright Designers. Hailing from countries like Romania, Ukraine or Russia, these designers are top notch or, as they say in Russian, превосходный! Check them out!


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6 Bright Interior Designers From Eastern Europe

Credits Katerina Lashmanova


Katerina Lashmanova is one of the best interior designers in Russia. Young and talented, Lashmanova has an outstanding portfolio with a special talent for luxury interior design. The unique interiors the Russian Designer creates are known for their elegance, luxury, and high attention to detail. Each one is adapted to the personality and taste of each of her clients and the result is always magical as you can see above and below.


6 Bright Interior Designers From Eastern Europe

Credits Lemon Interior Design


Lemon Interior Design is a striking force in the world of interior design. Pioneers in the field, the international trends of interior design are a must when it comes to bringing the charm into Romania. The awarded interior design company, established in the market since 2004 combines the leading trends with an innovative take when it comes to getting the right fit into any home design project.


6 Bright Interior Designers From Eastern Europe

Credits Interior Market


A company to make any interior design project shine bright like any glamourous and interior home decor be as charming as ever Interior Market is here to provide you with stunning brands to complete the look that you’ve been searching for! Chasing the best options for all tastes, the company strives to have all the top-notch brands within your reach. From lighting to furniture, a click away is within distance for you to make the right decisions when it c0mes to decorate your brand new home!


6 Bright Interior Designers From Eastern Europe

Credits DOM-A


From classic to modern, to eclectic to the most outrageous, the team of Dom-A composed by the talented Maria Silver and Sergey Makushev is here to keep up with the modern times of interior design in the most clever ways while maintaining the luxury and simple upbringing in their interior design projects. Providing a guided journey in all ranges of architecture and interior design, from penthouses to cottages and hotels, this might be the one you’re looking for, for so long.


6 Bright Interior Designers From Eastern Europe

Credits Polina Pidtsan


Polina Pidtsan has been designing interiors since 2008, she specializes in designing private interiors in Moscow and Saint Petersburg. Polina’s interiors perfectly combine comfort, functionality and a high style which is modern and classical at the same time featuring chastity of style, elegance and sophistication. Her interiors are designed based on creation of a bright, recognizable image and a thorough choice of colour mixture, textures and details.


6 Bright Interior Designers From Eastern Europe

Credits After Light


Alter Light is a dynamically developing Ukranian company that has been working in the market of light, furniture and decor for more than ten years. The company confidently keeps pace with the times, basing its activities on global European trends and innovative market development principles.


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