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Top 5 Best Interior Designers in Brazil

Have you ever seen the projects by best interior designers of South America? Today we present top interior designers from one of the biggest countries of this continent – Brazil – and some of their most amazing works.

Arthur Casas

Graduated in architecture and urbanism in 1983 from Mackenzie University. He founded Studio Arthur Casas in 1999. His architecture is spread through New York, Paris, Tokyo, Buenos Aires, Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo in particular. Developing projects in residential and commercial with quite characteristic way. He participated in two Architecture Biennials in São Paulo, in 1997 and 2003 and the Biennial of Buenos Aires in 2003, 2005 and 2007. Lectured in 2009 and was awarded in the XII Biennial of Buenos Aires. Was invited to talk about his production workshops in Chile, Argentina, Mexico, USA and Spain. In 2007 he released a book about his work and his relationship with the city of São Paulo and right now is in its 2nd edition.

best interior designers - top 5 designers in brasil-artus casas

 Carlos Rossi

Architect Carlos Rossi, present for over 20 years in business, develops his projects in most Brazilian states, as well as some countries in Europe, Central America and Africa. His works have been featured in shows, trade magazines and international books, with recognition through various awards at major competitions in Brasil. His projects cover many areas – corporate, institutional, commercial, hospitality, residential and design. His firm – Carlos Rossi Architecture – is known for innovative solutions and contemporary style, emphasizing personality and functionality in their creations.

best interior designers - top 5 designers in brasil-carlos rossi

David Bastos

David Bastos deviated from the path, possibly drawn to him by his family of doctors when he decided to study architecture at the Federal University of Bahia. If the Bahia lost a doctor, it won an architect creative enough to restore life to the abandoned docks area of Salvador. It was after the installation of his office at the pier in 1995 that came to the pier the hotspot restaurant Trapiche Adelaide. As a consequence there was the restoration of old warehouse and the opening on the top floor of the shed, the Bahia Design Center.

While as a student, David Bastos lived experiences in public organizations in areas of housing and urban planning, which was essential to his perfect use of spaces. Mixing old and new, and focusing on the effect of some materials, he says that “every job has its own reading and yields good results, once provided the developed in the right way” So David Bastos has been refining his style and leaving his mark on the landscape of Salvador with elegance and subtlety.

best interior designers - top 5 designers in brasil-david bastos

Fernanda Marques

Fernanda Marques was born in São Paulo and graduated in architecture from the University of São Paulo. Early in her career, she apprenticed with Gian Carlo Gasperini, one of the masters of contemporary architecture in Brazil. In 1990 she opened her own office, FERNANDA MARQUES ARCHITECTS, which acts as a channel for its multidisciplinary work.

best interior designers - top 5 designers in brasil-fernanda marques

João Mansur

Founded in 1984, the company João Mansur Architecture Design Art initially focused on Interior Design, having performed in just two years over 50 different projects. In 1988 was considered by the specialized press as one of the “Top 10” offices of the country. In the same year company opened for the corporate world being hired by the company Giorgio Armani for their entry in Brazil.

Company realized many different architecture, interior design and decorating projects all over the world, mainly in Europe, South America and USA. The projects include residences and apartments, as well as restaurants, hotels, shops and nightclubs.

best interior designers - top 5 designers in brasil-Joao Mansur

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