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Brunete Fraccaroli (Sao Paulo, May 15, 1954) is an architect and Brazilian socialite. He became known after participating in the reality show Rich Women. Architect of St. Paul, Brunete have their work spread Milan, Punta del Este, New York, New Orleans and Miami.


TOP-Interior-Designers-Brunete-Fraccaroli-31The renowned architect Brunete Fraccaroli, graduated at the Universidade Mackenzie in Sao Paulo and worldwide known as the colorful architect, is a respected and requestes professional, for both, house and commercial projects. She has projects which may be visited in Milan, Punta del Este, New York, New Orleans and Miami.

TOP-Interior-Designers-Brunete-Fraccaroli-30Her increasing and continuous interest for absolutely all kinds of materials and esthetics limits her time to the extreme, once her daily routine includes walking up early to take care of her projects and constructions personally counting on a great team in her office, to administrate Fraccaroli, essences and fragrance factory inherited from her great-grandfather inherited from her great-grandfather, desires her young daughter. On her spare time she loves to dance, cook, travel, dive, play golf and date.

TOP-Interior-Designers-Brunete-Fraccaroli-40“I believe that color means life, energy and movement”, she says. Therefore, the presence of color is a constant in her works, always respecting her client who prefer the traditional environments.

As result of her audacity in architecture and design projects, Brunete always has a safe spot in the best specialized publications in Brazil and abroad.

Background & Realizations: The projects

It is been fifteen years since the Brunete Fraccaroli architect made an interior design for this couple. Now, with the daughter is a teenager, they decided it was time to change your address and, therefore, chose a 350 square meters apartment recently delivered by the builder in upscale neighborhood of Sao Paulo.

The longstanding relationship helped professional, known for eclectic and bold style, creating spaces that pleasing to the taste and heeding the new family’s needs. In contrast to the previous house, all in pastel, the architect proposed a radical change, inserting vibrant colors like turquoise and purple.

Among the wishes of residents were pleasant spaces to welcome their guests and for family life. This led Brunete to abolish the compartmentalization in the social area and to propose the integration.

A large hall without walls, was created with the merger of the terrace, which received closure glass. In this space, are distributed in the living room and home theater, separated only by the large sofa of Micasa.On site there is also a bar built in wood joinery by Viva, and a dining room which features a lacquered table Micasa combined with chairs provided by Montenapoleone. Tying the whole ambiance, there are many mirrored surfaces (L’Vitrier), introduced as a resource to maximize the sense of space.

The mirror and the turquoise tone also step into the intimate area of the apartment, making their presence felt also in the bedroom. In this room, where the intention was to create a more soothing setting, with inspiration from nature, crystal pendants Scatto Lampadario add luxury and refinement.

The most iconic project

Brunete is important to seek a differentiated aesthetic and offer creative solutions to things. His style, which she calls as eclectic, also helps, because it does not hold in a specialty, but looking to do a bit of everything.

This creativity and dynamism have been duly recognized with several awards, both national and international. Among the works that bring pride to architect this the Glass Garden for DECA “It was the first time I worked with glass, a very differentiated and complex work, but the result certainly was worth all the effort and dedication,” he says with joy .

TOP-Interior-Designers-Brunete-Fraccaroli-20The decor is also among the passions of Brunete that gives the tip to have a beautiful and practical space: “We need to provide quality of life and easy maintenance.” It considers a common mistake when it comes to decorating the mobile excesses, especially in small spaces. “Sometimes people fail to scale the furniture according to the space available,” concludes the architect.

In addition to handling the architecture and decoration, Brunete works with the part of the contacts and the creation of flavors of a plant essences for the food industry. To develop this process of creating it has made management and, in his youth, a technical course. Moreover, it has the help of vendors and executives.

TOP-Interior-Designers-Brunete-Fraccaroli-21In selecting its customers it seeks those who suited to your style and have confidence in my work. “As the patient-doctor relationship,” explains the architect. This year it expects new projects, always challenging.

When asked about his accomplishments and dreams she says grateful to get where he is and be able to enjoy their achievements. Your wish? “I long to continue always: want to die working.”

TOP-Interior-Designers-Brunete-Fraccaroli-22This thought is undoubtedly an inspiration to all those who follow in the field of architecture, design and decoration.


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