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The Ultimate Design Guide For ISaloni & Milan Design Week 2019

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It’s time for Best Interior Designers to present you our Ultimate Design Guide For Milan Design Week 2019 & ISaloni 2019! From the powerful design event iSaloni 2019 (Salone del Mobile.Milano) to the hype and design celebration of the top Design Districts of Milan, this Guide includes everything you need to know and visit in Milan from April 8th to April 14h!


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In this comprehensive guide you’ll be able to find information about the following events:

  • iSaloni 2019/ Salone del Mobile.Milano
    • General Information
    • Euroluce 2019
    • SaloneSatellite
    • Workplace 3.0 2019
    • International Furnishing Accessories Exhibition
    • Luxury Brands to Visit
  • Milan Design Week/ Fuorisalone 2019
    • Top Parties & Events
    • Brera Design District
    • Ventura Centrale Design District
    • Tortona Design District
    • 5 Vie Art Design District
  • Explore the City
    • Top Hotels to Stay In
    • Top Restaurants & Bars
    • To Galleries & Museums to Visit
    • Top Attractions

The Ultimate Design Guide For iSaloni & Milan Design Week 2019

iSaloni 2019/ Salone del Mobile.Milano – General Information


2019 marks the 58th Edition of the popular and powerful Salone Internazionale del Mobile event that will be held in April between the 9th and the 14th ! It’s a design showcase that has always mixed business with culture, shaping the history of design and furnishing yesterday, today and tomorrow. A global platform for truly top-notch products with an emphasis on innovation. The Salone Internazionale del Mobile is split into three style categoriesClassic: Tradition in the Future, which draws on the values of tradition, craftsmanship and skill in the art of making furniture and objects in the classic style; Design, products that speak of functionality, innovation and boast a great sense of style and xLux, the section devoted to timeless luxury re-read in a contemporary key.  A range of goods that combines quality and technology, shaped by the creativity of the leading sectoral companies, practised at developing their businesses by investing each year in innovative products and home furnishing solutions.


The Ultimate Design Guide For iSaloni & Milan Design Week 2019


The Salone Internazionale del Mobile was founded in 1961 as a vehicle for promoting Italian furniture and furnishings exports and soon became the most keenly awaited event in the world of furniture. Last year’s edition was a huge success and the 58th Edition of iSaloni is ready to step up to the expectations and surpass the success of the 57th Edition. The many exhibitors along with the thousands of products being unveiled for the first time confirm the Salone Internazionale del Mobile’s enormous value as an international showcase for creativity and a forum for industry professionals, with more than 330,000 attendees on average, every year, from 165 different nations.


EuroLuce 2019

The Ultimate Design Guide For iSaloni & Milan Design Week 2019

Euroluce: the International Lighting Exhibition, runs every two years since 2011 and presents the most innovative solutions in the field of light for interiors and exteriors. With more than 480 of the best exhibitors in the sector, half of which foreign, the International Lighting Exhibition – at its 30th edition – is recognized as the global benchmark lighting exhibition, where technological innovation and design culture take center stage.  The huge array of goods encompasses the very latest devices for outdoor, indoor and industrial lighting to lighting for shows and events, hospital lighting and special use lighting, home automation and lighting systems, light sources and lighting application software. Euroluce is not just the meeting place and business venue par excellence, it is also the most avant-garde trade fair in the field of eco-sustainability and energy saving in both the decorative and the lighting technology sectors.

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The Ultimate Design Guide For iSaloni & Milan Design Week 2019

SaloneSatellite was the first event to focus on young designers, instantly becoming the unrivalled place for interface with manufacturers, talent scouts and the most promising young designers, and since 1998 runs concurrently with the Salone del Mobile.Milano. Its creation was essentially a declaration of faith in the creative potential of designers under 35. Many of the prototypes presented in the previous editions have gone into production, and many of the 10,000 designers who have taken part over the years, along with 270 international design schools, are now big names on the design scene. Indeed, SaloneSatellite’s challenge has always been to imagine the shape of design to come and to try and imagine how future generations will forge a new, perfect balance between project, function and beauty. The 2019 Edition of iSaloni will promote a New Edition of this Awards and we can’t wait to see the projects from the contestants.

Workplace 3.0 2019

The Ultimate Design Guide For iSaloni & Milan Design Week 2019

Workplace3.0 is conceived as an irreplaceable think tank for finding out about and understanding upcoming necessary changes to workspaces. More than just an exhibition, it is a starting point for stimulating forward-looking ideas capable of catering to a changing market and changing needs. As from 2015, the Salone dedicated to the workplace has taken on the new designation Workplace3.0, an innovative exhibition area devoted to design and technology in workspace planning, that confirms its new vocation as an exploration of brand-new approaches, forms and solutions to the workplace “of the future”, in which the human factor and smart technologies have a vital role to play.

The world of work is changing rapidly, along with the actual concept of work: new methods call for different workspaces. Workplace3.0, devoted to design and technology, is the best-equipped event to respond to this shift and to market demand. It showcases the finest products designed for procurement plans, reception areas and office spaces of more than more than 100 exhibiting companies working on solutions that dovetail with the new ways of working and the new design requisites for “inhabiting” the workspace. Be sure to be a part of this Design Celebration in the Modern Days!

International Furnishing Accessories Exhibition

The Ultimate Design Guide For iSaloni & Milan Design Week 2019

Now into its 30th edition, the exhibition rounds off the Salone Internazionale del Mobile trade events with a wide variety of products – furnishing accessories, objects, decorative pieces, textiles – and styles. Launched in 1989, in response to the growing demand for decorative goods, the International Furnishing Accessories Exhibition has become the sector’s leading event, showcasing an increasingly varied and comprehensive selection of excellent pieces year by year, encompassing the entire home furnishing system, ranging from decorative objects, furnishing accessories and textiles for the home. With more than 200 exhibitors, the over 330,000 visitors who flock to it each year will find the exhibition packed with everything that helps to bring character and originality to the domestic spaces. Innovative design, style and trends are the buzzwords for this particular event. Stand-alone accessories in their own right, but which help to redesign a space when combined. Exclusive pieces spanning modern to classic design, to make homes even more welcoming and ensure they reflect the personalities of those who live in them.

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Luxury Brands to Visit at iSaloni 2019

More than 2,000 exhibitors will be ranged over an exhibition area covering more than 200,000 m2, presenting outstanding products and solutions for contemporary living with an informed eye to the future and which combine design, technology, flexibility and sustainability. Here are a few brands that will be present at this event:


The Ultimate Design Guide For iSaloni & Milan Design Week 2019

Delightfull – Focused on Lighting Pieces, DelightFULL’s designs reflect a personality, a frame of mind and strong emotions are present in each detail. Inspired by jazz music, DelightFULL’s mission is to conquer the world through unique lamps! Made by local artisans that practices the elementals of craftsmanship, this brand’s products are long – lasting masterpieces and you’ll be able to see at iSaloni. This year is special for DelightFull because 2019 marks the 10th Aniversary of this Brand and what better way to celebrate it then in iSaloni and at a special edition of EuroLuce! Pav 13, Stand H24


The Ultimate Design Guide For iSaloni & Milan Design Week 2019

Boca do Lobo – Haute Craftsmanship & Luxury Inspiration are at Boca do Lobo´s DNA! At iSaloni they will present a strong showcase of stunning pieces and incredible pieces. Expect waves of contemporary and high-end furniture form this top Portuguese brand that always tries to elevate design and craftsmanship! Hall 4, Stand E08-D07


The Ultimate Design Guide For iSaloni & Milan Design Week 2019

Brabbu– This top design brand reflects an intense way of living, bringing fierceness, strength and power into an urban lifestyle. With a diverse range of furniture, case goods, upholstery, lighting and rugs, and through sensory design, we pass on a unique experience in every piece we design and produce. Every day our tribe of designers and craftsmen search for the highest – quality materials and innovative techniques to bring the comfort, functionality and personality your spaces deserve. At iSaloni be sure to also check out Brabbu’s sisters brands: Foogo & Brabbu Contract. Pav 3, Stand H32-34.


The Ultimate Design Guide For iSaloni & Milan Design Week 2019

Essential Home – It’s the Sister Brand of DelightFULL, and like that Luxury Brand, Essential Home is the epitome of bohemian elegance and design. It’s mid-century modern lines that merge important historical references from the 1930s and 1960s and with contemporary influences. The harmony of masculine and feminine, classic and contemporary, is the essence of the Maverick brand with its refinement and emblematic style. Hall 3, Stand L38


The Ultimate Design Guide For iSaloni & Milan Design Week 2019

Covet House – As per usual, Covet Group will be represented at iSaloni with a super stand by Covet House that will incorporate pieces for all tastes and from all the major design brands in the world, namely, Boca do Lobo, DelightfullBrabbuMaison ValentinaCircu, LuxxuEssential HomeRug’Society, PullcastMonsyeur and Foogo. Don’t miss the chance to enjoy a luxury experience at this Covet Stand. Hall 4, STAND E08 – E12 – D07 – D21


The Ultimate Design Guide For iSaloni & Milan Design Week 2019

LUXXU With a prestigious and revivalist attitude, LUXXU  provides increasingly bolder designs and always combined with the finest craftsmen technics. This brand’s pieces represent an endless promise of elegance and distinctiveness that shapes LUXXU’s future.  Pav 11, Stand G22.


The Ultimate Design Guide For iSaloni & Milan Design Week 2019

Pullcast – At iSaloni discover the exclusive and luxury world of PullCast and dive in this brand’s amazing and elegant list of decorative and architectural hardware products. Stand E08 – E12 – D07 – D21.


The Ultimate Design Guide For iSaloni & Milan Design Week 2019

Maison Valentina – At iSaloni, Maison Valentina will be presenting fresh, elegant and unmissable bathroom news. With its bespoke and bathroom pieces, Maison Valentina will present a strong and luxury display that will make several heads turn.Hall 4, STAND E08 – E12 – D07 – D21


The Ultimate Design Guide For iSaloni & Milan Design Week 2019

Circu– Circu was built under a dream! The dream is to allow children to dream their own dreams and to really give them space to be and live their fantasies and magical world. It’s stunning hand-crafted and hand-tailored pieces are made in Portugal with the finest materials, combined with a lot of passion, so we can deliver only the highest quality furnishings. If you want to dive into some magical inspiration, then you must visit this stand! Hall 4, STAND E08 – E12 – D07 – D21


The Ultimate Design Guide For iSaloni & Milan Design Week 2019

Rug’s Society/ Homes’s Society – Rug’Society is an exquisite Portuguese brand of Rugs and covering selections, that mainly aims to transform rugs into pieces of art. Rug’Society appears with a strong connotation to the eclectic style, a brand that transmits emotions, and that is our starting point for every different design that we conceive to stimulate and develop new trends. It’s time to be masters in tapestry and, for that, Rug’Society presents us with a bold and contemporary design, always thinking in the future, and giving our products uniqueness, exclusiveness and luxury Design.


The Ultimate Design Guide For iSaloni & Milan Design Week 2019

Luxury Living Group – Fendi Casa, Bentley Home, Trussardi Casa, Baccarat Maison, Heritage Collection, Ritz Paris Home and Paul Mathieu. All of this Top Brands belong to the Luxury Living Group and this Top Italian Group will have a strong and powerful presence at iSaloni! With an extensive portfolio of interior collections that reflect the perfect combination of tradition and innovation, all the collections of these top brands celebrate the expressive principles of luxury design in a harmonious blend of fashion and design.


The Ultimate Design Guide For iSaloni & Milan Design Week 2019

Seletti – The worlds of design, art de la table, furniture, lighting, object and decoration. Seletti has a history of vision and evolution. Ever since it was established in 1964 in Cicognara, Mantova, the company has pursued its mission of making the most of professionalism, service and above all, endless product research, striving for improvement, innovation and originality. A top Italian Brand for a top Italian Event.


The Ultimate Design Guide For iSaloni & Milan Design Week 2019

Sahrai Milano – Sahrai Milano is a top brand of luxury custom made rugs designed in Italy. This brands products fully embodies the values of Italian tapestry craftsmanship, and Sharai’s Collections are excellence in the furnishing accessories field.


The Ultimate Design Guide For iSaloni & Milan Design Week 2019

B&B Italia –  Founded in 1966 with the entrepreneurial vision of Piero Ambrogio Busnelli, B&B Italia is a leading Italian company in the international world of designer furniture for both home (B&B Italia Home Division) and contract (B&B Italia Contract Division). The company distinguished itself from its inception for its innovative industrial approach to manufacturing in contrast to the small traditional artisan competitors typical of the sector. Based in Novedrate (Como), north of Milan, the firm’s prestigious headquarters were designed by Renzo Piano and Richard Rogers in 1972. At iSaloni 2019, B&B Italia will present, once again, some stunning products made in Italy.


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Milan Design Week/ Fuorisalone 2019

The Ultimate Design Guide For iSaloni & Milan Design Week 2019

As one of the Design Capitals of Europe, Milan has more events happening during the Milan Design Week besides iSaloni/Salone del Mobile.Milano. The major event of this Design Week it’s the Design Week Event itself that is better known as “Fuorisalone”, a term that’s used to define the events and exhibitions that animate the entire city of Milan during this week. During the Fuorisalone, many of the stunning design places in Milan will feature longer opening hours. It’s expected that the most important brands located in the design districts of Milan will introduce their new collections and host special events with live music and entertainment for a totally unmissable extravaganza.

Top Parties and Events


When Brera meets mid-century” is going to be one of the highlights of Milan Design Week. Luxury brand DelightFULL will join forces with Breadaquaranta, one of the most important chain of showrooms in Milan, to create a spectacular party during the Milan Design Week. The company Fatebenefratelli’s Showroom will open its doors on the 11th of Abril for a casual design cocktail that you don’t want to miss!


5 Luxury Projects With Pieces From Boca do Lobo - Discover the season's newest designs and inspirations. Visit Best Interior Designers! #bestinteriordesigners #Design #BocadoLobo #TopInteriorDesigners @BestID


Besides being one of the most exclusive Italian furnishing proposals, Illulian represents true works of art that retain charm unaltered over time. Boca do Lobo shares the same value alongside this astonishing design brand. Handmade arts and crafts in the core of both companies and that’s more than a motive to bring them together in the during Milan Design Week in the city of Design. The best of contemporary design and costume artwork will be on display at Illulian’s Private Showroom on 12th April for a spectacular Cocktail Party that will join the work and styles of two giants of the Interior Design World!


Credit Knoll


Knoll will celebrate the Design World in their showroom of Piazza Bertarelli, through the exhibition “Knoll celebrates Bauhaus” curated by OMA, a studio co-founded by the Dutch architect Rem Koolhaas, with the collaboration of Domitilla Dardi, historical and design curator, Knoll describes the steps of a path that still today has a powerful reverberation on our contemporaneity. On the 10th, Knoll will host at the same location an incredible Cocktail Party!


Credit Zanotta


Lubiam and Zanotta , companies symbol of an all-Italian savoir faire, come together to celebrate this important event and together create a “relaxation // deluxe zone”, a space designed to welcome guests, but above all to allow them to relax and indulge in a little respite after a stressful day at work or walking through the maze of the salon. e highlight to mark in the calendar will be Tuesday 9 April: on that occasion, the little square at number 30 of Via della Spiga, where the LBM1911 boutique is located, will be transformed into a sitting room where you can experience an experience of “Luxurious relaxation” lying on the legendary Sacco armchair, a symbol of a cultural mood and a lifestyle beyond fashion for 50 years. At the Caselli of P.ta Garibaldi, Zanotta will also interpret the new reality of living: a home animated by global citizens, their stories and their passions. In the toll booth in front of Tecno re-draws the workplaces connected thanks to the io.T Solutions technology according to the principles of flexibility, personalization, comfort typical of co-working. A path that opens onto Piazza XXV Aprile in an urban garden that will host the opening event on Monday at 6.30pm (press at 18.00).


th_65d130bestinteriordesigners-Top Interior Designers | Zaha Hadid - table


With an intense cultural program for 2019, through which ME by Meliá consolidates its commitment to contemporary art and culture, the 5-star luxury hotel ME Milan Il Duca, in Piazza della Repubblica, in the heart of Milan, dedicates the month of April, and in particular the design week, to the architect and designer Zaha Hadid. On the 9th this luxury hotel will host a cocktail party to host this Expo and to celebrate Zaha Hadid’s legacy!


Credits: Mingardo


Mingardo, the brand that for generations has combined the most avant-garde contemporary design with the excellence of metal craftsmanship and natural elements in a single vision, will present a special display for Milan Design up in Via Solferino 11, the beating heart of the Brera district, to attend this expo that will last all the days of Milan Design Week and will start with a cocktail party on the 8th of April!


Presenting the New Collection of Roberto Cavalli Home Interiors

Credits: Roberto Cavalli


Top luxury brand Roberto Cavalli will have a Cockatil Party for the launch of the Just Cavalli P1THON in the Just Cavalli Boutique, carefully set up for the Design Week. Pass by Via Vicenzo Capelli and join the Party! Another party highlight belongs to the Danish company Fritz Hansen that will welcome visitors to the Fuorisalone in its world and presents new projects and collaborations with international designers: furnishings, lights and accessories. Attend the Exhibition and the Cocktail Party (11th of April) at Piazza S. Simpliciano.


The Stunning Collaboration Between IKEA And Tom Dixon - Discover the season's newest designs and inspirations. Visit Best Interior Designers! #bestinteriordesigners #Design #Ikea #TopInteriorDesigners @BestID

Credits: Ikea


Nordic Giants Ikea will also host an Expo and a Cocktail Party at Milan Design Week. The expo will involve experiences of lights and sounds that revolve around SYMFONISK products, born from Ikea’s collaboration with Sonos. Find out how a kitchen sounds and what is the soundtrack of the night: this and much more is what IKEA will offer you at Torneria Tortona . In addition to this you will find hot dogs and equally hot topics, cool drinks and fresh news at a great cocktail party on the 13th of April!


Credits: Bang & Olufussen


On the occasion of the Salone del Mobile 2019, Salvatori’s showroom in the heart of Brera will be transformed by Elisa Ossino. The curator has devised a path for visitors to discover through a series of rooms in which Salvatori’s coatings and textures follow each other, in which it will be possible to admire products made by international designers such as Piero Lissoni, John Pawson and Elisa Ossino. The expo will open on the 8th of April with a great cocktail party! For the 2019 Fuorisalone, Bang & Olufsen will present 93 Years of Magic – a dialogue between past and present. The Danish design brand has worked closely with museums and collectors to create a retrospective exhibition of products that have given rise to its unsurpassed reputation for combining innovation and unique sound and will present a new project that hides a magical movement where the most advanced technology blends with exclusive craftsmanship. To celebrate this expo, this top Luxury Brand will promote several parties at Via S Carpoforo!


Credits Armani


Armani Casa & Rubelli Casa will join forces to organize a great selection of shows that will celebrate classic and precious fabrics! On the 9th, the Rubelli Casa Showroom will host a Cocktail Party at Via Fatebenefratelli that will kick-off the celebration. Also focusing on Great Exhibitions will have top brand ETEL that will explore at Via Maroncelli the developments and revolutions of José Zanine Caldas. ETEL, the most important brand authorized to re – edit the pieces of the great  Brazilian masters of design, includes 16  Zanine icons in its collection, already rich in all the most significant names in  the country’s design culture, such as Jorge Zalszupin, Lina Bo Bardi,  Giuseppe Scapinelli and Oscar Niemeyer. You must attend the Party / Cocktail with Zanini de Zanine on the 10th of April!


Credits Cappellini


Cappellini will celebrate its 30th Year Anniversary on Milan Design Week. This brand will recount the contribution it has made in thirty years of work to the development of the contemporary design. A lean, brutal and spectacular presentation with strong references to art, from Jackson Pollock to Banksy with his visual protest. The party kicks off on the 8th of April at CAPPELLINI POINT –
Ramparts of Porta Nuova
 with a great Cocktail Party!


Credits Molteni


Last but not least we leave you with another great event by a great Italian brand: Molteni!  The showroom of this brand will at Via Solferino corner of via Pontaccio, will explore howVincent Van Duysen continues his research into the world of the contemporary living by designing the Gregor modular seating system for Molteni & C. At the same location, don’t miss Molteni’s Cocktail Party on the 12th of April!

The force behind Fuorisalone is the Design Districts of Milan. It’s at these districts that most of the top events, design showcases and parties take place and you have to get to know them better. Let us introduce 4 of the Most Popular Design Districts:

Brera Design District

The Ultimate Design Guide For iSaloni & Milan Design Week 2019

This is the district that houses a Pinacoteca and art Academy famed throughout the world. This artsy neighbourhood with its narrow, cobbled streets boasting a dense concentration of antique shops, galleries, showrooms and prestigious locations, exudes a truly alluring, bohemian aura year-round. During the Fuorisalone, Brera offers a high-profile events calendar, featuring several of the world’s most prestigious brands, and focuses on attracting a design savvy, culturally oriented public. Brera Design District is a territorial marketing project promoting excellence and commercial real estate development.

Ventura Centrale Design District

The Ultimate Design Guide For iSaloni & Milan Design Week 2019

The formerly abandoned 9 spaces of the Magazzini Raccordati in via Ferrante Aporti, once home to important local warehouses, provide visitors with a visually evocative experience. Under the rough tracks and characteristic vaults of the Milan’s Stazione Centrale creativity – a specific focus on design from the Netherlands and Belgium – takes centre stage featuring an eclectic mix of contemporary design by showcasing both emerging as well as established brands. Projects in the area are curated and powered by the international design organisation Ventura together with local association Centrale District, spread over the core areas of Centrale Railway Station and the nearby area of Repubblica. It has been announced that for the 2019 edition of the Fuorisalone, Ventura Projects and Grandi Stazioni have joined forces to devote the spaces of Magazzini Raccordati, within the Centrale District, to the world of fashion. This means, a whole year featuring fashion parades, exhibitions, cultural events and shootings.

Tortona Design District

The Ultimate Design Guide For iSaloni & Milan Design Week 2019

Although Tortona is the name of a single street, during the Fuorisalone the events in its neighbouring area – namely the one lying behind the Navigli, known for its “viby” atmosphere – multiply. The area, home to former warehouses and factories, becomes a major display platform featuring a slew of futuristic, original and experimental events targeted, according to the organisers, at creating a truly knockout effect. Big names and loads of emerging talents create an urban workshop of contemporary design. Design Week in Tortona promotes various events spread over some of the most important hotels and recently renowned open spaces. It’s at Tortona that we find the SUPERSTUDIO, the iconic place of design in Milan, the pioneer of the Fuorisalone phenomenon in the district, the most visited and sought-after place of the Tortona District since 2000. With SUPERDESIGN SHOW project, according to the original format “less fair and more museum”, Superstudio pursues its mission on quality, excellence, research. The next edition of Gisella Borioli‘s project with the art director Giulio Cappellini follows the usual ONLY THE BEST mission with particular attention to the TECH&GREEN theme.

5 Vie Art Design District

The Ultimate Design Guide For iSaloni & Milan Design Week 2019

Aptly named 5vie after the “five streets” that form the area, the district is simultaneously one of the city’s oldest but also emerging districts. The area spans from the Pinacoteca Ambrosiana, up to the Basilica of Sant’Ambrogio and the church of San Satiro, where Bramante worked. One of Milan’s least touristy and best-kept secrets, the area participates officially in Design Week with a triple circuit consisting of showrooms displaying the latest in design, old artisan workshops where you can admire traditional handicrafts (in particular in via San Maurillio and via Santa Marta) and a cultural itinerary featuring museums, churches, cloisters, archaeological sites and breathtaking inner courtyards. 5vie District involves a cultural and territorial marketing project to promote Milan’s Old Town.


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Explore the City

This is the basis of what you can expect from ISaloni 2019 and Milan Design Week, but Milan has a lot more to offer. You can enjoy these events, but you should also enjoy the city and that’s why we want you to present a complete Milan City Guide for your enjoyment!


Top Hotels to Stay In

The Ultimate Design Guide For iSaloni & Milan Design Week 2019 15

BVLGARI HOTEL – Settled in an 18th-century edifice, the Bulgari hotel will make you feel right at home in the heart of Milan. It’s impossible not to fall under the charm of the ideal setting.  The friendly staff will give you the impression of being welcomed in a luxury private residence. All rooms and suites are so elegant and combine modern design, polished lines and luxurious details. The centrepiece of the Bulgari hotel is probably their private garden, an oasis of tranquillity. A perfect place to enjoy an aperitif alla milanese. For some downtime away from the hustle and bustle, guests can retreat to the stunning spa for a swim.

The Ultimate Design Guide For iSaloni & Milan Design Week 2019

MANDARIN ORIENTAL MILAN – The Mandarin Oriental Milan offers luxury accommodation a short walk from the fashionable Milan’s fashion boutiques. The property features a restaurant on-site with 2 Michelin stars and meeting facilities. Set in a complex of 5 connected 18th-century buildings, all rooms and suites are air-conditioned and designed by Antonio Citterio, modern décor and taco floors. They offer views of the courtyard or the street, and some offer views of Milan’s Cathedral.

The Ultimate Design Guide For iSaloni & Milan Design Week 2019

PARK HYATT MILANO – In all of its 81 rooms and 25 suites, the Park Hyatt Milano offers luxury and serenity in the form of clean design and quiet comfort. Park deluxe executive king rooms feature fruit baskets and your choice of mineral waters, while a Park terrace suite boasts gorgeous views of Milan from a private terrace. You’ll never go hungry with mouth-watering, on-site dining options like Michelin-starred Restaurant VUN, where you can enjoy a multicourse tasting menu unlike any you’ve ever tried. For breakfast, La Cupola features daily selections of croissants and fresh juices.

The Ultimate Design Guide For iSaloni & Milan Design Week 2019

PALAZZO PARIGI HOTEL AND GRAND SPA – From the outside, Palazzo Parigi Hotel & Grand Spa looks like any of Milan’s modern office buildings — glassy windows, metal frame, business style. Just take a deep breath and walk inside. If the magnificent Murano glass chandelier doesn’t blow your mind, then the “I wanna wear a ballgown and traipse down this luscious marble staircase” will. Palazzo Parigi is neoclassical luxe with a French twist throughout its ten floors. Its vibe is cosmopolitan and stylish, shown off by its staff, a well-heeled team of polyglots straight from the runway. Location is key: Turn the corner, and you’re in the Fashion Quadrangle, the very epicentre of Milan’s finest.

The Ultimate Design Guide For iSaloni & Milan Design Week 2019

BAGLIONI HOTEL CARLTON – The excellence of the services offered by this hotel, along with its strategic location in the heart of the fashion district and the most important city hubs, make the Carlton one of the structures favourite by many tourists, but it is its attention to privacy to have gained the trust of major international personalities, from the world of finance to that of music and fashion. The Guest Book at the Carlton and at the whole Baglioni Hotel group really has few equals. The whole project was designed by the Spagnulo & Partners Studio.

The Ultimate Design Guide For iSaloni & Milan Design Week

HOTEL PRINCIPE DE SAVOIA – With a rooftop spa and spacious rooms with classic design and luxurious furnishings, Hotel Principe Di Savoia is located 100 meters from Milan’s Repubblica Metro and Railway Station. Rooms at Hotel Principe Di Savoia are decorated with traditional dark wood furnishings and luxurious fabrics.  The spa has a sauna, a hammam and a pool with frescoes. Principe Di Savoia’s attentive staff can book tickets and provide a free limousine service to the city center. The ideal place to stay during the Milan Design Week 2018.

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Top Restaurants & Bars

The Ultimate Design Guide For iSaloni & Milan Design Week 2019

RISTORANTE BISTROT MARTINI DOLCE&GABANNA – This luxury location owned by the popular fashion brand Dolce & Gabanna is the perfect spot to have a fine dining experience.  It’s also the place to relax and become aware of the latest interior design trends

The Ultimate Design Guide For iSaloni & Milan Design Week

BAR LUCE  – This restaurant interior was designed by director Wes Anderson. With green as the base colour, it includes stunning patterned wallpaper prints, Formica chairs, terrazzo floors and pinball machines that create an atmosphere with a quirky, retro feel.

The Ultimate Design Guide For iSaloni & Milan Design Week

T’A –  This restaurant was designed by local architect Vincenzo de Cotiis who gave the space a 1960s retro Italian flair mixed with the designer’s signature edge. It has a mix of white and black marble on the floor, sophisticated upholstery and modern suspension lights. The food is just as good as the decor!

The Ultimate Design Guide For iSaloni & Milan Design Week

CERESIO 7 – Ceresio is located on the rooftop of fashion label Dsquared2’s Headquarters and it has a stunning view over Milan. The restaurant, designed by Dimore Studio, has a polished, clean-lined design that almost feels like being transported to midcentury Palm Springs with an Italian twist.

The Ultimate Design Guide For iSaloni & Milan Design Week

GIACOMO ARENGARIO – Envisioned by design firm Studio Peregalli, this Art Deco Bar & Restaurant is located on the top floor of the Museo del Novecento and overlooks the stunning Piazza del Duomo. This gleaming cocktail bar is surrounded with 1930s decorative touches and walls covered with geometric patterns that provide a stunning bar vibe.

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Top Galleries & Museums to Visit

The Ultimate Design Guide For iSaloni & Milan Design Week 2019

GALLERIA CARLA SOZZANI – The gallery is located in a former industrial building, typical of the Milanese architecture. Since its opening, Galleria Carla Sozzani has established itself as one of the most important photography galleries in Italy. Over 200 exhibitions have been shown at the presence of famous photographers, often presenting works that had never been shown in Italy before: Helmut Newton, Annie Leibovitz, Bruce Weber, Bert Stern, Sarah Moon, Paolo Roversi, David Bailey, Hiro, David LaChapelle, amongst others.

The Ultimate Design Guide For iSaloni & Milan Design Week 2019

PAC – PAC’s exhibitions are often a source of interest and debate in Milan because they highlight issues of great social importance (for example Regina José Galindo’s 2014 “Estoy Viva” show addressed the female condition, while the 2013 “Rise and Fall of Apartheid” exhibition gave insight into life before, during and after apartheid).

The Ultimate Design Guide For iSaloni & Milan Design Week 2019

MUSEO DEL NOVECENTO – The Museo del Novecento was established on 6 December 2010 with the goal of spreading knowledge of 20th-century art and offering a more comprehensive insight into the collections that the city of Milan has inherited over time. Besides its core exhibition activity, the Museum is active in the conservation, investigation and promotion of 20th century Italian cultural and artistic heritage with the final aim of reaching an ever wider audience.

The Ultimate Design Guide For iSaloni & Milan Design Week 2019

HANGAR BICOCCA – If you love art, design and getting out of the city centre, you’ll love Hangar Bicocca. Housed in a converted industrial building in an up-and-coming area outside the city centre, Hangar Bicoccaattracts artsy types with its cutting edge exhibitions and workshops. This place is famous for its site-specific installations (similar to those at London’s Tate Modern) that over the years have included giant balloons and rooms set at -30 °C.

The Ultimate Design Guide For iSaloni & Milan Design Week 2019

MUDEC – In line with constant efforts on the part of the municipal authorities to preserve the memory of the economic and social processes that have shaped the city’s identity, the Milan City Council took steps in 1990 to buy the old Ansaldo industrial plant at Porta Genova and use it for cultural services. The disused factories, authentic monuments of industrial archaeology, have been converted into studios, workshops and new creative spaces.

LEONARDO DAVINCI SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY MUSEUMAfter seeing the last supper of DaVinci at the Santa Maria delle Grazie, you should visit the Museo Nazionale della Scienza e della Technologia Leonardo da Vinci where you can find more of his original drawings and numerous models of his scientific innovations. Moreover, it has interactive labs, a submarine exhibit, and a section devoted to science for young children.

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MIART –  The international fair of modern and contemporary art has just announced its 24th edition, organized by Fiera Milano and held from April 5 to 7 at Pavilion 3 of Fiera Milano City in Milan. Under the artistic directorship of Alessandro Rabottini, 186 international galleries from 19 countries will exhibit works by modern masters, established contemporary artists, emerging talents, and experimental designers divided into seven different sections. Many international galleries will return from previous editions, including A Arte Invernizzi, Alfonso Artiaco, Bortolami, Galerie Isabella Bortolozzi, Campoli Presti, ChertLüdde, Clearing, Galleria Continua, Raffaella Cortese, Thomas Dane Gallery, Massimo De Carlo, Dvir Gallery, Rodolphe Janssen, Kalfayan Galleries, Gladstone Gallery, Kaufmann Repetto, Peter Kilchmann, Andrew Kreps Gallery, Lelong & Co, Magazzino, Mai 36, Giò Marconi, Massimo Minini, Office Baroque, P420, Gregor Podnar, Almine Rech, Lia Rumma, Sprovieri, and Zero. A strong selection of galleries active in the promotion of historical positions and post-war art will include: Cardi, Casoli De Luca, Cortesi, Galleria dello Scudo, Mazzoleni, Montrasio Arte, Repetto Gallery, Robilant + Voena, Richard Saltoun, Gian Enzo Sperone, Studio Marconi ‘65, Tega, and Tornabuoni Arte.


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Top Attractions 

The Ultimate Design Guide For iSaloni & Milan Design Week 2019

You can’t visit Milan without visiting the Duomo di Milano. It’s like visiting Paris without going to the Eiffel Tour or the Sacre Coeur. Is hard not to know anything about Duomo di Milano, not only because it’s the fourth largest cathedral in the world, but mainly because it’s Milan’s main touristic and cultural attraction. Even though it was started in 14th century, the final touches were made during the reign of Napoleon. Through the centuries this church has been the scene of countless social cultural and religious events. The Duomo is a place of history, religion, art and Italian power. If you prefer to do some shopping, but still want to visit a historic place, then why not mix both in the same place? If you want to do that, then you can visit the Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II. It’s one of the most popular shopping destinations as well as one of the most beautiful galleries in the world.

The Ultimate Design Guide For iSaloni & Milan Design Week 2019

Besides Design Events and Luxury Hotels, Milan’s also the home of Centuries of History. To experience Art and History, you must pay a visit to some of the hundreds of museums, cathedrals, shops, gardens, historic places and art galleries of Milan. One of the top museums of Milan is also one of the Most Historical Buildings of the City:  The historical Castello Sforzesco. It’s in the Pinacoteca of this castle that you can find Michelangelo’s Rondanini Pieta, one of this legendary’s artist most recognized works of art!

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