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Texas Interior Designers and Decorators | Houzz

A few days ago I was talking with some friends of mine from Houston… They want to hire an awesome interior designer to renovate their lovely home. And they asked me for opinions.

I confess, I don’t know so much about Texas Interior Designers and Decorators, but according to my new best friend, houzz, I did some research to help them. It’s unbelievable what we can find nowadays online to help us on our quests.

Houzz is a major platform with a huge amount of information and we can filter them via a “best match” or even “most reviewed”. So I could find some very good infos to help my beloved friends.

Texas Interior Designers and Decorators – Laura U

I actually found Laura U. Inc. (best match according to Houzz) and Sweetlake Interior Design LLC (most reviewed). And from what I could see and find out in social networking, both companies are very cutting edge. I’m going to leave with some of their projects, just to be clear, not just in Los Angeles or New York are top Interior Designers. I’m delighted with the projects and the ideias I’ve found on Houzz – Texas.

Texas Interior Designers and Decorators – Sweetlake Interior Design

Laura U. Inc

Large range of Interior Design company, focusing on luxury homes across the United States and worldwide. Laura Umansky has been providing turn-key interior design solutions for its clients, with an unmatched design service as well as painstaking attention to detail and excellence in project management.

Parkside Contemporary -Dining Room – Laura U
Parkside Contemporary -bedroom – Laura U


A mix of Classically and Contemporary look design is provided both in mountain or sea ambiences.

River Oaks Residence – Bathroom – Laura U
1840 Westheimer Rd. | Houston, TX 77098 | (800) 924-8967


Sweetlake Interior Design LLC

A full service, high-end residential and commercial interior design company. In 2013 and 2014 awarded with the “Best of Houzz”.

Spring Valley – Living room – Sweetlake Interior Design
Spring Valley – Bedroom – Sweetlake Interior Design


Lori Toups-Fenton has been providing some of Houston’s most fabulous properties with her unique custom designs since 1996, being able to transform homes into elegant spaces and rustic habitats complemented with 21st century style and amenities.

Meadows – Living Room – Sweetlake Interior Design
Meadows – Dining Room – Sweetlake Interior Design
1935 Springwell Drive | Houston, TX 77043 | (713) 861 5444