Suzanne Kasler: Exclusive Interview
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Suzanne Kasler: Exclusive Interview

Suzanne Kasler was interviewed exclusively for Best Interior Designers. Her inspirations are architecture, art, fashion, and travel, culminating in luminous, distinctive, and timeless pieces. Suzanne’s creations have one thing in common: they always reference the past while moving towards the future, they have a non-static and dynamic feel to them. Her designs aim to inspire everyone to live a more beautiful, stylish, and authentic life.

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Suzanne Kasler: Exclusive Interview

Being a designer really is Suzanne’s passion and it inspires her to be able to connect to many people through design. She feels she shares the love for design with all her clients and that’s the secret for a marvelous creation: a good partnership with the client. “Making the world more beautiful one house at a time. And one of the most special things for me are the relationships and friendships along the way.” – she stated.



Suzanne Kasler: Exclusive Interview

Suzanne and her husband recently bought a Palm Beach Condominium and are also building a family mountain house at High Hampton in Cashiers.  “I have always loved Palm Beach and I have been going there for years and the community at High Hampton (…) made it the place for us.” – she said.

Suzanne Kasler: Exclusive Interview


As for the relationship with her audience, Suzanne feels her communication channels have evolved since the beginning of her career. In the early stages of her career, she would make a connection with her public through magazine editors, which settled her audience on a national level. As she established her following, she then decided to write her own book with Rizolli.



Writing a book, really allowed her to showcase her own design style and philosophy as well as her own point of view. Nowadays her audience ranges from loyal book-readers, design enthusiasts, and more recently, Instagram followers.

Suzanne Kasler: Exclusive Interview

Suzanne and her team’s ongoing international project is a manor house in Scotland. It has been challenging as the client hired them during the covid-19 pandemic and all of the meetings and arrangements have been discussed on Zoom. With the pandemic, Suzanne feels people started valuing their houses even more. They feel since it is the place they spend more time at, their home really means everything to them. “Having the home be such a key part of their life; it’s valuable to focus on the details of how you live, decorate and make your home.” – she said.

Suzanne Kasler: Exclusive Interview

At the moment, the designer is developing new products in collaboration with her partners: Hickory Chair, Ballard Designs, Visual Comfort, La Cornue, and Lee Jofa. She also has upcoming partnerships with WestPoint Home, bedding and linens, and also, Mirror Image Home.

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Suzanne’s luxurious interiors have been published in major design magazines, including Architectural Digest, Elle Décor, House Beautiful, Traditional Home, and Veranda.

Suzanne Kasler: Exclusive Interview


One of the things that Suzanne really values is craftmanship. In her opinion, it is impressive how the local workrooms, she and her team work with, are capable of adding value to the pieces. It amazes her seeing them execute her creative vision and translating it to reality so well. The resources are as or more important as the creative vision, she thinks.

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As for the future of design, she believes it is already growing and will keep rising due to the pandemic as people value their space more and more. The way people see their homes has shifted completely. “Thinking of how the last year and a half year has really shifted to focus on our homes; I think that will continue and people will really invest in designers and their own personal spaces.” – said Suzanne Kasler.

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