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Interview With Maria Katkova, A Creative and Original Designer

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Today, Best Interior Designer showcases an interview with Russian designer Maria Katkova, a top creator whose designs are always full of creativity and originality. It is impossible not to be inspired by Maria Katkova’s projects.



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"Best Interior Designers - Maria Maria-Katkova" | creative originality


We love Maria Katkova‘s work! She is a Russian top interior designer and part of our inspirational world because of her ability to unite different arts in an almost magical way, always with a driving mysterious force of creative improvisation guiding her every move, which follows a style of abstract expressionism. In this exclusive interview, she talked about her work in interior and product design, art and photography-

What is your philosophy in the field of creation?


As you work, can you tell the boundaries between design and art? Or is one thing inseparable from the other?
For me, art and design seems like a couple of indecisive elements in the strong magnetic field of contemporary reality. They are touching each other for the nano moments only just to jump off at the opposite direction. But the truth is, they are all at the same space, driven by the same mysterious force of creative improvisation.

Is photography a passion?
Yes, it has been a long time passion of mine. A sort of voyeuristic pleasure of freezing some small moments of life. And I am always trying to find something attractively irregular in the surrounding situations.


"Best Interior Designers - Maria Katkova" | creative originalityMaria Katkove interior design with the Eden center table by Boca do Lobo


How about product design? Tell us a bit about your collection of jewelry and the objects you design?

I do like beautiful things in my life, so I am the dedicated shopper in the search of unusual… So, at the certain moment, then I cannot find a pair of earrings to complete the look, I designed it and my brother produced them (he is the professional jeweler). Since then, I have done some jewelry for my clients and myself. I have to admit this is very addictive to design and produce your own things. Now in my very private portfolio are jewelry, three handbags, leather jacket and some fur coats (we, moscovites, need furs:)


"Best Interior Designers- Maria Katkova" - creative originalityMaria Katkova’s jewelry piece


As for the objects for my interior design projects, all of them were born of necessity. Limited space, technical issues at the site, time and inner voice constantly telling you “Improvise!”
I have to confess, I am one of those (probably, rare) designers who cannot do nothing with their hands. I can only produce ideas and sketches…, but I am very good in finding top professionals who can deliver and I am very happy about it.

In interior design, how would you describe your style?

I don’t think I have my own distinctive style, but sometimes, I am thinking about my works as a form of abstract expressionism.


"Best Interior Designers - Maria Katkova" | creative originality


What inspires you? How do you create an interior design project, whether it is a commercial one or a home?

The endless variety of human beings is my mood board. Starting a project, I am studying the client attentively and I write (in my mind) the story, script of his future life in this particular space, where, later, will be the stage of his real life drama. It could be a private housing, commercial space and even an office – the only important thing – the client has to be the interesting person.


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