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Best Interior Designers

Masters of Design, An Unique Ebook Featuring 100 Interior Designers

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Boca do Lobo is always a trendsetter, and once again had raised the bar of modern design to 2021! This time this amazing luxury brand decided to highlight and glorify interior designers that are on the top of the design world, with inspiring projects, that most of the time speak for themselves. Thought especially to the ones that admire and love luxury interiors, Boca do Lobo’s latest Ebook – “Masters of Design” honors creative minds, with groundbreaking projects, that will certainly spark inspiration in you!


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Top 15 Interior Designers in Canada

Boca do Lobo has carefully selected 100 interior designers, whose ideas and work show the best of modern and luxury design. These creative minds have set the most incredible design trends for 2021discover everything in our newest ebook!


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From timeless interior designers, that are more than worthy of the design hall of fame, to the rising stars of 2020, the next generation of interior designers that is utterly thriving in the Modern Design world, this list ensures to bring the best names of the design world! Get ready for the inspiring journey that this ebook will take you!


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