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Sarah Lavoine | Best Interior Designers

Sarah Lavoine

One of Paris’s top interior designers, Sarah Lavoine describes herself as “alive, natural and energetic”. She is quintessentially Parisian with a flair for versatility, color, and originality. Her natural joie de vivre, which we so admire in the French culture, translates effortlessly into her designs be it interiors, furniture, home goods, or clothing. There is no limit to where Lavoine’s design spirit will take her and, today, you get to discover some of this designer’s amazing interiors!

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Sarah Lavoine | Best Interior Designers

This is a new project that the Architecture Studio has been given a dual mission at the new ephemeral café in the Madeleine: to put the human element at the heart of an ever more pleasant and secure work environment for the “Joyeux” team members while creating timeless and warm spaces for the public. The boldness of the functional and warm design, embellished by the iconic bright yellow color, brings an enthusiastic touch to the atmosphere. This decoration is punctuated by the play of natural materials such as the wood covering the counters, the parquet floor, a natural and authentic material, as well as the metal and ceramic of the Sicilia tableware, and the “design” lines, sign the warm and contemporary spaces of these solidarity cafés.




Sarah Lavoine | Best Interior Designers

The Studio d’Architecture de la Maison was asked to modernize the restaurant of the Lagardère Paris Racing, the famous Parisian sports club. The objective was to rework the codes of the British clubhouse. In particular, the tartan pattern of the carpet is found in a more contemporary version. Some references to tennis remain the white piping on the leather benches and the lines on the floor. The walls have a soft and soothing color, enhanced by more distinctive elements such as the stained oak, the carpet, and the green marble of the bar. This painting makes this space a very warm place where you feel good. No detail was left to chance: from the designed ceilings to the Baswa box interiors to treat the acoustics, from the smooth velvet panels to the back bar and the backlit bookcases.


Sarah Lavoine | Best Interior Designers

Located on the top floor of a Haussmann building in the 2nd arrondissement of Paris, Koesio’s offices have been redesigned thanks to this superb renovation entrusted to Studio Maison Sarah Lavoine. The objective was to create a friendly and flexible workspace adapted to the needs of the employees, which brings a contemporary touch to a very marked Haussmannian environment. From the isolated offices to the conversation bubbles for two and the connected meeting rooms, they all benefit from a beautiful luminosity sublimated by a choice of audacious colors. The choice of furniture such as the bookcase finds its place perfectly under the “rampant”, thanks to a custom manufacturing proposed by the Studio. A minimalist and soothing decoration.


Sarah Lavoine | Best Interior Designers

The Sarah Lavoine House signs the transformation of a country house whose decor seems to have always existed. She unveils her latest project, a house located one hour from Paris. The old floor tiles or the wooden frame that our architecture studio left visible, allowed us to find a balance between the materials of character and the contemporary style of Maison Sarah Lavoine. Large windows invite the spaces to merge with the outside and natural light invades the rooms of the house. At nightfall, the sconces diffuse a delicate light and offer a warm and soothing atmosphere. The walls are decorated with mirrors and colors such as the emblematic “Bleu Sarah”, structuring the space and creating a unique atmosphere. Each piece of furniture or object has found its place and adds soft comfort to the decor.

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In Biarritz, the Sarah Lavoine company Architecture Studio has completely redesigned the restaurant, bar, and 19 rooms of the 4-star hotel Le Café de Paris, located on the seafront. The studio had already worked with this prestigious hotel on the renovation of its restaurant. Today, Sarah Poniatowski applies her expertise and know-how to the entire establishment and signs the renovation of the bar and the 19 rooms in a contemporary, authentic, and relaxing spirit. “I wanted to create an authentic space with a strong identity that never goes out of style. I like to imagine places where it’s good to live. Places where people meet,” explains Sarah Poniatowski.


A new challenge for the House is to transform the 250m² apartment into a modern and warm cocoon. The choice of furniture and materials was thought and made to measure for each room, giving them a unique character: from the walnut skylight separating the kitchen and the dining room to the wood and rabane bookcase that makes it the centerpiece of the living room. These designs give the apartment a warm feel. The cocoon of this apartment remains without any doubt the room opened on all of New York. The magnificent bay windows, facing the office, bring a nice luminosity and softness to the room.


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