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ÁBATON was founded in 1998 by Camino Alonso, Ignacio Lechón and Carlos Alonso. From the beginning they aimed for the projects to express the facts that defined the Studio. To achieve it they started up the Construction Company in order to control the whole building process as well as the final result. ÁBATON projects’ impact determined the high turnout of clients searching for a place that expressed the same language of light, sustainability and space that ÁBATON applies to all its projects. Currently, ÁBATON is developing more efficient work processes to confront bigger challenges that have to do with the international growth of the Studio.Read to know better Ábaton


A solid team of professionals are behind the creativity and the closeness with our clients. Our work strategy comprises three main departments: Creative Direction, General Management and Construction Management.Read to know better Ábaton.jpg

The projects are analyzed regarding their future location; material improvement, energy efficiency and sustainability ideas are proposed from the construction management for their study by the Creative Director. Once the Creative Director has drawn the project,  we proceed with the team selection -architects and quantity surveyors- who will develop the basic project -proyecto básico.

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The fulfillment of the projects quality, security, urban planning and permit requirements are the Site Management’s responsability to whom the teams report regularly.

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In addition, the Interior Design Department participates during the construction process with suggestions about furnishing, lighting, kitchen design, etc.

The architects are backed and supervised by the Creative Director, Site Management and Construction Management from start to finish. At the same time, the Strategy Department -General Management and New Developments Department- help with communication actions for the launching of the final project.Read to know better Ábaton.jpg

Every stage of the process is agreed with the client.