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Nadia Bakhurji | Innovating Architecture And Interior Design

Nadia Bakhurji has been innovating architecture and interior design. She and her team want to contribute to the advancement of design worldwide especially within Saudi Arabia through innovative and cultural sustainable design. They believe in giving back to society through CSR and training and development programs designed to help build and improve the Saudi workforce and aim to empower women across the region. Nadia Bakhurji Architects’ founder is a figurehead for women’s empowerment in business and is the perfect advocate to help catalyze change.

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Al Hamra Private Villa

The project is located in a very nice and calm location in Jeddah. There were two approaches to designing this house, the first takes the traditional Andalusian architectural style and translates it into an abstract contemporary canvas that encapsulates the beauty and grace and lightness of the space, showcasing the traditional architectural elements within a transparent and fluid environment. The second approach was more definitive heritage Andalusian architecture. The focus was on the hierarchy of spaces from semi-private to private, depth of view, and axiality and framing views. The forms and masses respect the traditional architectural language and are a more literal representation of the style. In this concept, interior and exterior wall treatments and surfaces reflected the highly ornate style of the Andalusian era.

Classical Islamic Private Palace

Located in the heart of Al Falah district in the city of Riyadh, this beautiful luxurious mansion has double-height spaces, guest lounges, and spacious suites. Surrounded by very rich and verdant landscape areas, the spaces embrace views from all directions. Each furniture and fabric piece was chosen very carefully, and some furniture pieces were designed by NBA as ultra-rich feature objects representing focal points for each space.

Classical Andalusian Private Palace

The Islamic period in Spain marked a rich heritage of beautiful palaces, mosques, minarets and fortresses in Andalusia. This palace is no different in its approach where that rich history compliments its design features and details. The key phrase here is “Eye-catching monumental living”. The palace takes the original aesthetics of Andalusia with a hint of a contemporary approach and heritage. There is a major focus on water features and open outdoor spaces. The whole project is like a journey through history that takes you through mesmerizing patterns and geometry.

Saudi-Japanese Business Forum Stand

Since the establishment of their relations in 1955, both Saudi Arabia and Japan have had powerful economic relations. Japan is KSA’s second-largest trading partner. The Year 2015 marked the 60th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between Japan and KSA. The concept arises from the rich history and culture of both nations and is inspired by the fusion of the rising sun of Japan and the traditional Saudi palm tree. Both elements are symbolic key features that represent each country’s culture and tradition.

Almalga Retail & Offices Building

A prominent new design hub meant to spread the culture of design and creativity in the community. The project integrates advanced digital technology into the core of heritage-inspired architecture. It creates a perfect environment for those who want to invest in real estate property and those who wish to develop their design skills through the weekly design workshops in the multi-purpose halls.

NCCI Tawuniya Board of Directors Floor

The Tawuniya tower located in downtown Riyadh overlooks King Fahd road which is one of the most integral vines of the city, connecting the northern and southern sectors of Riyadh. The proposed office space design captures the essence and prominence of Tawuniya company and reflects its vision and strategy in providing society with one of the most advanced insurance services. The design is aimed at creating focal points in spaces. Nadia Bakhurji experimented with geometry and patterns for the ceiling designs and the flooring patterns as well. The proposal included an outdoor roof garden design which was composed of several geometric levels inspired by the architecture of the tower.




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