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Nadia Bakhurji | Innovating Architecture And Interior Design

Nadia Bakhurji is here! With more than 20 years of expertise in the Middle East, NBA was created in 2007 by the award-winning architect Nadia Bakhurji. Since then, NBA has developed into one of the top design studios in the GCC. NBA uses cutting-edge design techniques and industry best practices to create handcrafted architecture and interiors that are stunning, functional, and of the highest quality. The client-first methodology that underpins the collaborative approach ensures consistently excellent delivery.

Nadia Bakhurji | Innovating Architecture And Interior Design

Al Hamra Private Villa

In Jeddah, the project is situated in a lovely, serene area. There were two methods used to create this home. The first showcases the traditional architectural components in a transparent and fluid environment, translating the Andalusian architectural tradition into an abstract contemporary canvas that captures the beauty, grace, and lightness of the space. The second strategy utilized more definite Andalusian heritage architecture. The hierarchy of spaces—from semi-private to private—as well as depth of view, axiality, and framing views—were the main topics of discussion. The shapes and masses are a more accurate portrayal of the style while still preserving the traditional architectural vocabulary. The very ornate style of the Andalusian age was represented in the interior and exterior wall treatments and surfaces of this idea.

Classical Islamic Private Palace

This stunning, opulent estate, which is situated in the city of Riyadh’s Al Falah neighborhood, features double-height halls, guest lounges, and roomy apartments. The spaces include vistas in all directions and are surrounded by extremely lush and natural environment areas. Each piece of furniture and cloth was meticulously chosen, and some furniture was created by NBA as ultra-rich feature objects that served as the rooms’ main points.

Classical Andalusian Private Palace

The Islamic period in Spain marked a rich heritage of beautiful palaces, mosques, minarets and fortresses in Andalusia. This palace is no different in its approach where that rich history compliments its design features and details. The key phrase here is “Eye-catching monumental living”. The palace takes the original aesthetics of Andalusia with a hint of a contemporary approach and heritage. There is a major focus on water features and open outdoor spaces. The whole project is like a journey through history that takes you through mesmerizing patterns and geometry.

Saudi-Japanese Business Forum Stand

Saudi Arabia and Japan have had strong commercial ties ever since their relations were established in 1955. The second-largest trading partner of KSA is Japan. Japan and Saudi Arabia’s diplomatic ties were established 60 years ago in the year 2015. The idea comes from the rich histories and cultures of both countries, and it was influenced by the merging of the traditional Saudi palm tree and Japan’s rising sun. Both of these components serve as essential symbols for each nation’s culture and traditions.

Almalga Retail & Offices Building

A well-known new design centre intended to promote design and innovation in the neighborhood. The proposal incorporates cutting-edge digital technology into the foundation of architecture with historical inspiration. The weekly design workshops held in the multipurpose rooms create the ideal environment for people looking to invest in real estate as well as those looking to advance their design abilities.

NCCI Tawuniya Board of Directors Floor

One of the most important streets in the city, King Fahd road connects the northern and southern parts of Riyadh, and is visible from the Tawuniya tower in the city’s center. The proposed office space design reflects the company’s goal and strategy for offering society one of the most cutting-edge insurance services while also capturing the prominence and character of Tawuniya. The design intends to provide spaces focal points. For both the ceiling designs and the flooring patterns, Nadia Bakhurji experimented with geometry and patterns. The project includes a plan for an outdoor roof garden made up of many geometric levels influenced by the tower’s construction.



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