modern dining room blue chairs
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Modern Dining Room Ideas To Impress Your Guests

Modern Dining Room Ideas To Impress Your Guests


The dining room is one of our favorite homerooms! It is the place where we have our main meals, celebrate special and commemorative dates, and meet with loved ones. Therefore, Interior Design Magazines has separated a list of modern environments that are sure to impress your guests and make them an incredible night.


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Blue and white are colors that bring tranquility and sharpen anyone’s creativity! A super modern room, which is even more beautiful with the Botti Diamond suspension light, from DelightFULL.


modern dining room blue chairs


Modern, comfortable, and chic. The Matheny Round Suspension Light, from DelightFULL, is a new take on the mid-century classics. It has a geometric design of combined tubes and its structure is handmade in brass.


blue and white luxurious dining room


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Rounded furniture is a classic when talking about mid-century style. In this dining room, we can see a new form of the Matheny Snooker suspension light and the gorgeous Ezra Dining Table, from Essential Home.


green rug in a mid century dining room


Details are essential for a good impression! We love the mixture of materials used in this room and the contrast between these velvet light  Soleil Chairs, from Boca do Lobo and this amazing black rug.


luxurious dining room boca do lobo


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The Federico Chairs are ideal for a contemporary dining room. These unusual 50’s patterns can also be found in the Federico chair’s beautiful upholstery, which is combined with ivory back seats. This lovely composition is a tribute to the great Federico Fellini, one of the best Italian cinema directors and screenwriters, noted for his peculiar style, which combines fantasy and baroque visuals with a sense of dreadfulness.


contemporary and designed chairs carlo donati dining room


Ezra Dining Table is one of Studiopepe’s Essential Home collection’s most unusual pieces. The mid-century modern dining table was drawn from a combination of straight lines and circumferences, redefining the limits of physics and expanding the world’s design horizon. It was inspired by the exquisite architectural lines of the renowned Italian scene.


mid century dining room


To contrast with the golden environment, a comfortable rug is a great choice for entertaining your family and friends.


white marble table dining oom



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